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Kaitlyn Metscher

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Kaitlyn is a dual degree candidate in Willamette's accelerated JD/MBA degree program. She always expected to go to law school and recently learned the value of also having an MBA. She is a first generation college graduate, an entrepreneur, founder of Portland based nonprofit, and a director in two other nonprofits in the Portland metro area. When she is not at school, working part time at a law office, or volunteering she can be found doing home renovation projects, enjoying the Pacific Northwest outdoors, or playing with her two 100lbs German Shepherds.

Why Willamette MBA?

"Why Willamette? Willamette is not only a community of intellectually curious individuals, but also a leading institution that has both a graduate business school and a law school steps away from each other. Earning both degrees in nearly the same building and steps away from the State Capitol building provides invaluable benefits and connections that are unmatched in the area."

Willamette University

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