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Raylina Dixon-Cole

MBA Concentration: Operations & Non-profit Management

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Contact Information


Hometown: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration
Undergraduate Minor: Communications and Natural Science
My name is Raylina Dixon-Cole, and I am currently a full-time Early Career/Career Change student at Willamette. Before attending Willamette, I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the College of Idaho. I am also a first-year representative for international students at Atkinson Graduate School of Management. I am really interested in operations, human resources, and working in the nonprofit sector.


Why Willamette MBA?

I selected Willamette University for my MBA program due to its well-structured classes and the program's flexibility, which allows me to explore and gain insights in the three main business sectors. Willamette is a place where everyone, from fellow students in my cohort to professors and career advisors, is committed to my success and provides tailored resources to support my individual growth. I look forward to an exciting two years.

Willamette University

Early Career and Career Change MBA

Salem Campus

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.