Willamette University MBA offers Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows the opportunity to earn the Master of Business Administration for Business, Government and Not-for-Profit Management (MBA). Students participate in the PACE (Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises) program where they serve as consultants and support the activities of selected not-for-profit and government enterprises. This service/consulting project provides a valuable opportunity to build real-world experience and contribute to the community through enhancing the operations of client service organization.

Coverdell Fellows will be awarded a minimum scholarship worth 25% of tuition.

Peace Corps Volunteers earn lifetime eligibility for the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program if they fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Peace Corps Volunteers who complete the full two-year tour of Peace Corps service or are otherwise given “completion of service” (COS) status
  2. Peace Corps Volunteers who are medically separated
  3. Peace Corps Volunteers who are given "interrupted service" status because of circumstances beyond their control
  4. Peace Corps Response or Global Health Services Partnership Volunteers who complete twelve months of service within a twenty-four month period

Two-year Volunteers who resign or are administratively separated are not eligible for Coverdell Fellows unless they had already earned eligibility through a previous Peace Corps tour.

How to apply for the Coverdell Fellowship:

  1. Complete the scholarship essay within the application and indicate your interest in the Coverdell Fellowship
  2. Email your “Description of Service” to mba-admission@willamette.edu
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