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MBA scholarships at Willamette

Willamette makes graduate school affordable and accessible. Review all the scholarship opportunities available to students in our Early Career & Career Change MBA program.

MBA students at Willamette University

Scholarships for MBA Students

At Willamette, we automatically consider every MBA applicant for merit-based scholarships. We award MBA scholarships for the first year of study. Each scholarship is renewable for the same dollar amount for the second year of the MBA program.

For MBA/JD students, the College of Law and the MBA program award scholarships separately. MBA/JD students who receive scholarship assistance from the MBA program will receive the MBA scholarship only for the first academic year in which they are enrolled full-time in the MBA program.

We proudly invest in our students, which is why we offer scholarships tailored to different backgrounds and skill sets. We provide a top-tier education at an affordable price. Learn more about the available scholarships and application requirements available to Willamette's full-time MBA students.


Merit-based Scholarship

  • Atkinson Graduate School of Management Scholarship
    The admissions process automatically considers all applicants for merit-based scholarships and informs them of any awards upon admission. Criteria for fellowships include academic achievement (GPA), GMAT/GRE score, work experience, and leadership experience.

Scholarship Databases

 For U.S. students

For International Students

Willamette University's Office of Financial Aid also has scholarship information and links to various organizations offering scholarships to graduate students.

Willamette MBA Scholarships

  • City Year AmeriCorps Scholarship

    The Willamette MBA City Year AmeriCorps Scholarship provides benefits to members of the City Year network.

    Benefits offered to City Year alums:

    • Application fee waiver
    • Enrollment deferral for currently serving AmeriCorps members who decide to serve for additional time with City Year.
    • Minimum scholarship in the amount of $25,000 to qualifying AmeriCorps members

    Scholarship Requirements:

    • Currently serving AmeriCorps members at any of our United States locations are eligible. They must, at the time of university enrollment, have completed at least one City Year service term.
    • City Year alums who have completed at least one City Year service term at any of our U.S. locations
    • Staff members from City Year who have completed a minimum of two years of employment.
  • Community Impact Scholarship
    The Willamette MBA Community Impact Scholarship attracts outstanding students who have contributed significantly to their community. These students have a demonstrated commitment to assisting their communities through work, volunteering, or any other form of contribution.
  • Global Reach Scholarship
    The Global Reach Scholarship serves outstanding international students who can contribute to the Willamette community. We hope to assist you as you pursue your MBA degree in the U.S.

    Eligibility: Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from any country outside of the United States
  • National Reach Scholarship
    The Willamette MBA National Scholarship honors outstanding U.S. students who can contribute to the Willamette community. As the top-ranked MBA program in Oregon, we hope to assist you as you pursue your MBA.

    Scholarship Requirements: Completion of a U.S. undergraduate degree in one of the 49 U.S. states outside of Oregon
  • Pacific Northwest Scholarship
    The Pacific Northwest Scholarship is focused on rewarding students from the Pacific Northwest who wish to remain in our diverse and vibrant region and continue to contribute to local communities.

    Scholarship Requirements: Completion of a U.S. undergraduate degree in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho.
  • Segal AmeriCorps Match Award
    Willamette University MBA offers an AmeriCorps Matching Award to qualified AmeriCorps alumni in recognition of academic potential, involvement in community activities, and leadership. This award matches the funding the student receives from AmeriCorps for up to one year of service.

    Scholarship Requirements: Individuals must have completed an approved term of national service in AmeriCorps programs. They also must have obtained The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, before starting the MBA program. AmeriCorps Applicant Portal.
  • Veterans Scholarship
    The Willamette MBA Veterans Scholarship gives back to those who have served in the military. If you’re a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, we thank you for your service to our country. We would be proud to help you transition to your new career.

    Scholarship Requirements: Proof of Veteran Status
  • Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship Program
    Willamette MBA offers Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows the opportunity to earn an MBA. Willamette will award Coverdell Fellows a minimum scholarship worth 25% of tuition.

    We provide several hands-on learning opportunities to actively engage with the local community.

    During their first year, students participate in the Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises (PACE) program. They serve as consultants and support selected not-for-profit and government enterprises. This project provides a valuable opportunity to build real-world experience. Contribute to the community through enhancing the operations of client service organizations.

    Peace Corps Volunteers can earn lifetime eligibility for the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows. They must fall into one of the following categories:

    1. Peace Corps Volunteers who complete the full two-year tour of Peace Corps service or are otherwise given “completion of service” (COS) status
    2. Peace Corps Volunteers who are medically separated
    3. Peace Corps Volunteers who are given "interrupted service" status because of circumstances beyond their control
    4. Peace Corps Response or Global Health Services Partnership Volunteers who complete 12 months of service within 24 months
    Two-year volunteers who resign or are administratively separated are not eligible for Coverdell Fellows unless they have already earned eligibility through a previous Peace Corps tour.

    How to apply for the Coverdell Fellowship:

    1. Complete the scholarship essay within the application and indicate your interest in the Coverdell Fellowship
    2. Email your “Description of Service” to

Thank you to our donors

A portion of our scholarship funding comes from the generous donations of alumni and friends who support the development of future leaders through endowed and named scholarships.

Many of these donors received scholarship assistance as a student.

Their contributions continue the Willamette tradition of investing in the next generation of Willamette MBA students.

Financial support information

At Willamette, we understand the importance of scholarship programs. That's why we offer MBA programs with scholarships that provide financial assistance to students pursuing their MBA. Students are also encouraged to review additional financial aid opportunities.

Early Career and Career Change MBA students can utilize educational loans to help finance their professional development. Consider a direct unsubsidized loan, a direct graduate plus loan, or a private credit-based loan.

If you're an international student, you can also take advantage of educational loans.

We also offer additional opportunities for financial support. Consider a graduate assistantship. Work a few hours a week for a professor and earn an hourly wage while attending the MBA program. Students and alumni can also refer prospective students for a tuition credit.

Apply to our full-time MBA program

Invest in your future. Our MBA graduates have earned jobs at top companies around the world. Our program provides a great return on investment. Whether you want to advance your career or prepare for your first professional position, our full-time MBA program is for you.

Our admissions team can talk you through all the details and help you secure an affordable path toward graduate school. Through our various MBA scholarship opportunities, we're here to help you succeed.

Willamette's MBA program prioritizes academic excellence and hands-on learning. Get in touch with our team for more details related to our MBA scholarship options.

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