Atkinson School Graduate Assistantships - 1st Year MBA Students

A few graduate assistantships are offered to new MBA students each year. Graduate Assistants work with an Atkinson School faculty member on special projects, research, etc. First-year students who have a Graduate Assistantship are paid an hourly wage of $14 per hour and work approximately 75 to 100 hours per semester (150-200 hours for the academic year) for maximum earnings of $2,800 during the academic year. Graduate Assistantships are awarded to qualified students at the time of admission and no special application is required. Students should not plan to work more than 10 hours per week through any combination of jobs during the first-year.

Atkinson School Graduate Assistantships - 2nd Year MBA Students

Second-year MBA students can apply for a variety of Atkinson School graduate assistantships. These positions include tutors for the first-year core courses, PACE Teaching Assistants, and working as a graduate assistant for a faculty member.  Second year students are paid an hourly wage of $14 per hour and work up to 100 hours per semester (200 hours for the academic year) for maximum earnings of $2,800 during the academic year.  Students apply for PACE TA positions during spring semester of their first-year. Students apply for tutor positions and other graduate assistantships when the positions are announced during the summer or the beginning of fall semester of the second-year.

Willamette University Student Employment

While some employment opportunities are limited to students who qualify for Federal Work Study, many campus offices hire students using Willamette University student employment funds. All Willamette students are eligible to earn these student employment funds. Availability is dependent upon individual department budgets. The Office of Financial Aid can assist students in identifying departments that have Willamette University student employment funds.  Current job openings for both Federal and Willamette student employment are posted on the Willamette Student Job Board

Federal Work Study

Federal work-study is a form of need-based financial aid and requires submission of a FAFSA. Federal work-study students are paid on an hourly basis determined by the University. Although government regulations allow students to work up to 20 hours per week, the Atkinson School recommends students limit their work to 10 hours or less per week. Students interested in federal work-study should file a Work Study Request form with the Willamette University Office of Financial Aid at (503) 370-6273.  Work study is not always the best choice for graduate students because it reduces the amount you can borrow. Most graduate students should pursue Willamette University Student Employment.

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