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Professor of Applied Statistics and Information Systems

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900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301

"We teach the tools of mathematics, statistics, and information systems in the context of the managerial setting, and not as separate, free-standing academic disciplines."


Information is the principal resource of managers. Just as manufacturing operations transform raw materials into finished goods, statistical models and information systems transform raw data into valuable information that can be used to control organizations and guide decision making.

Indeed, statistical methods and information systems hold tremendous potential for the practice of management. Opportunities lie in the creative application of existing technologies as well as in technological advance.

At the Atkinson School, we teach the tools of mathematics, statistics, and information systems in the context of the managerial setting, and not as separate free-standing academic disciplines. We recognize that aspiring managers come from every course of academic preparation, many not technical in their orientation. I draw great satisfaction from converting an apprehensive, perhaps reluctant, student of mathematics and statistics into a confident an enthusiastic practitioner of the art.


  • M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State University
  • B.S., Oregon State University

Areas of Instruction

Foundations of Quantitative Analysis, Business and Economic Forecasting, Advanced Statistical Methods, Strategic Applications of Quantitative and Information Tools, Statistical Process Control, Management Information Systems

Research Interests

Statistical Computing, Resampling Methods, Robust Estimation, Data Analysis, Forecasting Methods, Statistical Methods in Public Policy Research.

Selected Professional Activities

Consultant, U.S. Department of Labor, Hewlett-Packard, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon, State of Oregon, US West Communications, State of Arizona. Member: American Statistical Association, Institute for Mathematical Statistics, Association for Computing Machinery. Member: Decision Sciences Institute. Visiting Associate Professor of Statistics, Stanford University, 1986-87.

Selected Publications

Claus, Lisbeth and Michael L. Hand. (2009) Customization decisions regarding performance management systems of multinational companies: An empirical view of Eastern European firms. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management. 9(2). (In press).

Freeman M.D., Rossignol, A.C., Hand M.L. (2009) Applied forensic epidemiology: The Bayesian evaluation of forensic evidence in vehicular homicide investigation. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 16(2):83-92.

Freeman M.D., Rossignol A.C., Hand M.L. (2008) Forensic Epidemiology: A systematic approach to probabilistic determinations in disputed matters. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 15(5):281-290.

Maltz, Elliot N., Murphy, Kenneth E., and Hand, Michael L. (2007) Decision support for university enrollment management: Implementation and experience. Decision Support Systems. 44(1):106-123.

Bowerman, Bruce L., O’Connell, Richard T., and Hand, Michael L. (2001) Business Statistics in Practice, Second Edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin. Burr Ridge, Illinois.

“A Resampling of Analysis of Federal Family Assistance Program Quality Control Data: An Application of the Bootstrap,” Evaluation Review, 1990.

"A Maximum-Likelihood Criterion for Adaptive Lp Estimator of Location,” Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, 1987.

"Bootstrap Prediction Intervals for the Least Absolute Value Regression Problem.” Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute, 1987.

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