The employment report provides career data for the graduating class of 2022.

Data used in the employment report was provided to the Willamette MBA career management staff by members of the graduating class. The employment report refers to the graduates' first position after completing the Willamette MBA.

As with most Willamette MBA graduates, the class of 2022 represented a wide range of career interests. Some were seeking their first management position and some were seeking career change or advancement. Some were seeking careers in business, while others were seeking careers related to public service or not-for-profit organizations.

A few examples of salary comparisons for Portland, Oregon and other cities in the U.S. are presented at the bottom of this page. 

Conducting a successful job search is a partnership between students and the school. The school helps students develop their knowledge, experience and competitive career skills, facilitates networking and employment opportunities, and connects students to the information and resources they need. MBA students build their tools of management, identify their career goals, develop competitive resumes and interview skills, network through student professional organizations, alumni and employer contacts, and actively pursue employment opportunities.

Employment - Graduating Class of 2022

Members of the graduating class of 2022 entered the program seeking their first professional position or career change. Prior to the Willamette MBA program they had an average of 8 months pre MBA work experience, and median of 0 month of pre-MBA work experience. The range of months of work experience was with a range 0 to 96 months of work experience.

The graduating class of 2022 consisted of 55 students, of whom 43 were seeking employment. Two were not seeking employment because they were returning to a job, two were pursuing further education, five were postponing their job search, and three did not provide information about their plans. The data below is based on the 43 students seeking employment.

Accepted a Job Offer by Graduation 49%
Accepted a Job Offer Within Three Months of Graduation 78%
Average Salary (see salary notes at bottom of page) $69,815
Salary Range $32,240 to $140,000
Consulting 13%
Finance and Accounting 25%
General Management 3%
Human Resources 9%
Marketing / Sales 25%
Operations/Logistics 6%
Other 19%
Sample of Employers Who Hired 2022 Graduates
Adobe Systems
Cardinal Health
Fisher Investments
Intel Corporation
Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
Moss Adams
OnPoint Community Credit Union
Red Bull North America
San Francisco University High School
Securitas Inc, USA
Slalom Consulting
Standard Insurance & Realty Corp
Super Micro Computer, Inc.
The Boeing Company

* Salary Notes:
1) Employment and salary data vary from year to year depending on general economic trends, the career goals of the individual members of the graduating class, undergraduate degree, previous related work experience, level of managerial responsibility, and sector of employment.  Salaries also vary by geographic location. For the graduating class of 2022, a $69,615 salary in Portland, Oregon is approximately equal to $88,227 in Seattle, Washington; $128,292 in San Francisco, California; $80,655  in Boston, Massachusetts; and $88,647 in New York, New York. (Source: "Sperling's BestPlaces" Cost of Living Calculator, 1/19/2023.)

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