Successful career transitions do not come from MBA courses, alone.  They come from gaining new knowledge and expertise, learning to apply your knowledge to real organizations, developing a new resume of experience, and building the confidence, network and professional career management tools needed in a competitive global economy.

The Willamette MBA faculty understand what it takes to prepare students for the next step in their career ... and beyond. They are experts in their fields and excellent teachers who develop, review and regularly revise the curriculum to ensure a quality MBA experience. 

The Willamette MBA curriculum includes a strategic combination of quality teaching, required courses that develop an understanding of management science and an integrated perspective of decision-making,  the unique first-year PACE program, electives that develop in-depth expertise and real experience in ten areas of concentration, and unparalleled experiential learning opportunities. Career services and co-curricular opportunities build the strategic career management, leadership and networking skills needed in the changing world of business, government and not-for-profit organizations.

The results of the Willamette MBA curriculum are impressive. Our program is often described by our students and alumni as a professional and personal turning point in their life.

The curriculum and curricular path varies slightly with each format.  Click the link below to view the curricular path of required and elective courses for your program of interest.