Matching sound theory with practical application and addressing real-world problems with fresh solutions, participants in the Certificate in Public Management program are able to make immediate, positive, and lasting impacts on their communities, organizations, and careers.

Today’s public managers need critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, technical competence, and communications expertise in order to succeed. The Certificate in Public Management program has given over 700 government professionals the training and knowledge they need to make significant contributions to their organizations. Participants gain the confidence to act boldly and ethically in response to a constantly changing environment.

A Unique Approach

By integrating best business practices with the public sector’s needs, participants learn to do more with less, regardless of whether they work for federal, state, or local government entities. They gain an enriched understanding of the challenges facing today’s public organizations from experienced and knowledgeable instructors. They also benefit by collaborating and building lasting relationships with peer professionals in the courses.

A Dynamic Experience

With the busy public manager in mind, the program allows students to gain confidence and skills they can use immediately. Participants will begin making more relevant decisions, delivering more effective service, and managing change more proactively as they learn and practice these skills.

A Flexible Schedule

Students may take modules as they are offered, according to their time and interest. Each module is offered approximately once a year and spans three Fridays during a month. Participants must successfully complete any eight in order to earn a Certificate in Public Management. The modules currently offered include:

  • Data Analysis & Presentation
  • Accounting
  • Follow the Money - Budget and Finance in the Public Sector
  • Negotiating for Success: Creating “Win-Win” Every Day
  • Innovation & Change
  • Strategic Management
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Organizations
  • Business Communication: Writing
  • Business Communication: Presentations
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