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Willamette's Certificate in Public Management

In today's ever-changing public sector, there's a growing need for capable and confident public managers. As the field of public service continues to evolve, many professionals are seeking ways to enhance their skills in order to make a meaningful impact on their communities and organizations.

Willamette University's Certificate in Public Management helps you gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethics to succeed in the public sector. Learn more about the program, costs, benefits, and courses available. 

Why Choose Willamette's Public Management Certificate?

  • Public management in today's world

    Willamette's Certificate in Public Management program blends theory with practical application. This program empowers students to tackle real-world problems with fresh and innovative solutions. In a time when public organizations face difficult challenges, it's crucial for public managers to have critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, technical know-how, and effective communication skills.

    Our program has already equipped over 700 government professionals with these vital skills. This has enabled them to make an immediate, positive, and long-lasting impact on their communities, organizations, and careers.

  • A unique approach

    One of the strengths of Willamette’s Certificate in Public Management program is our unique approach. We seamlessly integrate the best practices from the business world with the specific needs of the public sector. Our program focuses on public sector management which helps public servants enhance their management skills through focused course work. Whether you work for federal, state, or local government agencies, our program equips you with the tools to do more with less.

    Our experienced instructors offer a deep understanding of the challenges that public organizations face today. Additionally, participants get the chance to collaborate and build lasting relationships with their peers in the courses.
  • A dynamic learning experience
    We understand that public managers have demanding schedules. That's why we've designed our program to help you gain confidence and skills that you can immediately apply in your role. As you progress through the program, you'll start making more relevant decisions, delivering more effective services, and proactively managing change. This learning experience ensures that your investment in your education pays off in your daily work.
  • Modules and requirements

    We offer each module approximately once a year and it spans three Fridays during a month. Participants must successfully complete any eight modules to earn a Certificate in Public Management including:

    • Data Analysis & Presentation
    • Accounting
    • Follow the Money - Budget and Finance in the Public Sector
    • Negotiating for Success: Creating “Win-Win” Every Day
    • Innovation & Change
    • Strategic Management
    • Understanding the Dynamics of Organizations
    • Business Communication: Writing
    • Business Communication: Presentations
  • Flexible scheduling

    We recognize that public managers have diverse schedules and responsibilities. To accommodate your needs, our program offers a flexible schedule. You can take modules as they become available, depending on your availability and interests. The program offers each module approximately once a year, spanning three Fridays during a month.

    Applicants can review the course schedule to learn more about course availability over the semester. The program requires students to complete any eight modules to earn a Certificate in Public Management. We design each module for employees at government and non-profit organizations. Enhance your human resource management skills to advance your organization, community, and career.

    Many government units have internal selection processes for candidates. Future students should talk with a supervisor regarding participation, as agency rules will dictate the process for covering or reimbursing training costs.

  • Costs for the program
    At Willamette, we believe in providing high-quality education that is accessible to all. Our Certificate in Public Management program offers modules on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to register as needed and as time permits. The program awards a Certificate in Public Management upon successful completion of eight modules, each costing $390 and spanning 20 hours. This pricing includes textbooks, learning materials, program activities, and beverage service, ensuring that you receive the full value of your investment.
  • Additional training opportunities for state employees
    In partnership with the Oregon Project Management Advisory Board (OPMAB) and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Willamette's Executive Development Center also offers training on project, program, and portfolio management. For state employees seeking additional training opportunities, this collaboration provides valuable resources. To learn more about current offerings, please review information from the State of Oregon.

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Public management vs. public administration

While Public Administration Certificates are more general, Public Management Certificates are more specific. Our program is designed to help individuals provide management services for government and non-profit sectors, improving their undergraduate and graduate degree.

While these two certificates are different, Willamette focuses on providing a Public Administration program. With locations in Portland and Salem, our program can help provide connections in the heart of business and the heart of government.

Earn a Certificate in Public Management

In the ever-changing field of public administration, a Certificate in Public Management from Willamette can be your key to a successful and impactful career in the public sector. Our program's unique approach, dynamic learning experience, flexible scheduling, and pricing make it a valuable investment for aspiring public managers. Courses are available in Salem and online.

Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to thrive in public management. Join the ranks of over 700 government professionals who have already benefited from the Certificate in Public Management program. Your community, organization, and career will thank you for it. Enroll today and embark on a path toward becoming a proficient and ethical public manager.

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