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Degree Requirements

The MBA/MSDS Joint Degree is designed to be completed in five semesters. Students focus on MBA coursework in their first year, along with one MSDS core class, and then explore MSDS along with the MBA in their second year. Both degrees are issued at the end of Summer, year two.

Sample Curriculum

Fall of 1st year

  • GSM 5103: Data Analysis, Modeling and Decision Making
  • GSM 5104: Managing Individuals, Teams and Organizations
  • GSM 5105: Accounting for Managers
  • GSM 5108: PACE I
  • GSM 5111: Economics and Finance I

Spring of 1st year

  • GSM 5107: Marketing: Creating Satisfied Customers
  • GSM 5109: PACE II
  • GSM 5112: Economics and Finance II
  • GSM 5114: Operations and Systems Management
  • DATA 503: Fundamentals of Data Engineering (Salem section)

Summer of 1st Year

  • GSM 7251: Internship for Management

Fall of 2nd year

  • GSM 6121: Politics and Public Policy for Managers
  • Experiential Elective (semester 1)
  • DATA 501: Foundations of Data Science with R
  • DATA 502: Data Visualization and Presentation

Spring of 2nd year

  • GSM 6123: Strategic Management
  • Experiential Elective (semester 2)
  • DS-Eligible Elective
  • DATA 505: Applied Machine Learning

Summer of 2nd year

  • DATA 510: Capstone
  • DATA Elective
  • DATA Elective
  • GSM Elective

Summary of requirements:

  1. All core ECCC, 2 GSM electives, 1 experiential GSM elective, and 1 DS-eligible GSM elective
  2. 1 summer internship for credit
  3. All core DATA classes (except DATA 504) and 2 DATA electives

MBA Course Descriptions MSDS Course Descriptions

Willamette University

MBA/MSDS Program

Salem Campus

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

Portland Center

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Portland Oregon 97201 U.S.A.