Tyson Winner portraitHometown: Portland, OR

Undergraduate Degree (s): B.S., Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management/Management & Leadership, Human Resources Management (double major), Portland State University

Position: Senior Tooling Analyst, Daimler

Why Willamette MBA? I chose Willamette MBA because the university is internationally accredited, has a competitive national ranking and provides diverse work in an actual classroom. The level of investment I see from the professors and staff is what makes Willamette MBA different. They’re really committed to making sure everyone understands the material. Overall, throughout my educational background, the professors at Willamette are a step above when it comes to face-to-face interactions.

How has the MBA program helped you? The program provides me with an extended knowledge of situations and gives me the confidence to go with the ideas that I come up with. It gives me the ability to talk about my ideas in a more business-intelligent way. It doesn’t necessarily put you in the room, but it makes your voice louder. It provides a different landscape of your abilities.

I’ve learned so much, not just from the material but also from my classmates. It’s amazing how a group of students and faculty can come together over a common goal and become very successful in that endeavor. With each class, you can see that growth.


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