Scholarship Renewal

Renewal of any scholarship received at the time of admission is based solely on the criteria listed on the admission letter. If you have any questions about those criteria, you can contact the Dean’s Office for the school you are attending.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to receive federal financial aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress within your program. The graduate school you attend will monitor your status and notify you of any issues directly.

There is a time limit to the amount of time you can take to complete your degree. Examples of this are below. Please keep in mind that if it ever becomes mathematically impossible to complete your degree within the time limit, you will stop being eligible for federal financial aid immediately.

Program Type

Published Program Length

Maximum Program Length

Law 3 academic years 7 academic years
MLS and LLM 2 academic years 4 academic years
JD/MBA 4 academic years 7 academic years
MBA 2 academic years 4 academic years
Professional MBA 2 academic years 4 academic years
MS in Data Science 2 academic years 4 academic years

Here are the links for the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies for each program: Law, MLS and LLM, JD/MBA, MBA, Professional MBA, and MS in Data Science.

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