In addition to Willamette scholarships, you may be eligible for one or more private scholarships ­administered by outside organizations (i.e., those not affiliated with Willamette University). A good place to get started in identifying private scholarships you might qualify for is to visit our scholarship search page.

Some other helpful hints for the scholarship search process include:

  • Begin your scholarship search in the fall of your senior year.
    There is most likely a counselor at your high school that can help you with your search. There is a lot of work involved in making an application that gets results! Don't put this off until it is too late to do it well.
  • Get involved! Activities and community service are important.
    Sure it helps to be a straight A student, but what scholarship committees really look for is an involved student who demonstrates leadership and an interest in helping others.
  • Research other private scholarship opportunities online.
    There are many national scholarship databases online. One of the oldest is, but there are a lot out there. Unfortunately, no one national database lists every scholarship out there--that's just not possible, given how frequently private scholarships are created (and also discontinued).
  • Talk to employers, civic organizations, clubs, etc. that you or your family members belong to. Sometimes they have scholarship opportunities that are not nationally advertised.
  • Keep a notebook with a section for each scholarship.
    Assemble activity lists, essays, recommendations and applications. Be sure every application is complete and answers the questions asked. Tailor your essays for that specific application.
  • Arrange applications by deadline.
    Late applications do not get considered. Know when the deadline is, and be sure to mail your complete application in plenty of time.
  • Request recommendations early in the process.
    If recommendations are to be mailed separately, provide a stamped, addressed envelope, with the deadline clearly indicated.
  • Never pay or provide credit card information to apply for a scholarship or for a scholarship search.
  • Continue searching for private scholarships after you’ve enrolled in college.
    The same steps, time, effort, and energy that you put into scholarship searches as a high school student can be continued after you start college.

Apply, apply, apply... Persistence will pay off!

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