Thomas Carpenter

Exploring the Wonders of "Der Wald" (The Forest) Through Composition: an Early 20th Century Song Cycle Based on Poems by Christian Morgenstern
Sponsor: Marva Duerksen, Music

Emilia Cubelos

Embodied Resistance: Women's Protest in South Africa
Sponsor: Amadou Fofana, French

Kelly Ewing

Regenerative Agriculture: A Pathway to Climate Change Resilience and Mitigation in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Sponsor: Karen Arabas, Environmental Science

Olivia Fields

A Lifetime of Music: Reimagining the Genius of Wayne Shorter
Sponsor: James Miley, Music

Anusha Mannava

Violence Against Women Migrant Women in the UK: Coalitional Campaigns of the Southall Black Sisters
Sponsor: Jonneke Koomen, Sociology

Arturo Perez Lopez

Identity Formation in a Bicultural Household: A testimonio
Sponsor: Patricia Varas, Spanish/LAS

Reilly Blue Resnick

Metamorphosis and the Grotesque Queer Body
Sponsor: Jonathan Cole, Theatre

Benjamin Smith

Mindfulness Training for Student-Athlete Well-Being and Performance: A Pilot Study
Sponsor: Kyle Stephenson, Psychology

Claire Verstrate

The Feasibility of a Green Curtain on the Willamette University Campus
Sponsor: Joe Bowersox, Environmental Science

Shelby Weisburg

The Madonna: Ekphrastic Explorations of Motherhood in Italian Renaissance Art
Sponsor: Danielle Deulen, English

Ilan Palacios Avineri

Echoes of Silence: An Oral History of the Guatemalan Civil War in Huehuetenango
Sponsor: William Smaldone, History

Nathan Boone

Exploratory Composition: Multi-Cultural Harmony
Sponsor: James Miley, Music

Kathryn Bordona

"Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thing:" Sexuality as Social Liberation in the Medieval Songs of Trobairitz and Contemporary Hip-Hop Feminists
Sponsor: Roy Pérez, English

Moira Eaton

Guardians: A Young Adult Novel to Increase Societal Philosophical Awareness
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Paige Fredenberg

Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Practices in Marion County Parole and Probation in Reducing Recidivism
Sponsor: Kyle Stephenson, Psychology

Jay Hadfield

Love and Its Demons: An Analysis of Love and the Demonic in Lermontov's "Demon"
Sponsor: Sarah Bishop, Russian

Diane Jung

Emotional Stress and College Life: A Comparative Study between American and South Korean College Students
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Jonathan Louangrath

"Success" Stories: Dissecting Asian American Immigration Histories and Pan-ethnic Homogenization Under the Model Minority Myth
Sponsor: Vincent Pham, Civic Communication & Media

Zhen Zhen McMahon

Saving Humanity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Sponsor: Andrea Stolowitz, English

Rebecca Nicholes

Exploring Philosophical and Divine Unity Through Music
Sponsor: Mike Nord, Music

Estefania Ramos Torres

On Death's Doorstep: Understanding Culture to Improve End-of-Life Care
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise and Health Science

Maya Roussell

An Exploration of Filmmaking
Sponsor: Jonathan Cole, Theatre

Lydia Savelli

La Féminisation des Professions de Santé en France: An Exploration of the Trajectory of Female Physicians in France
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Kyla Shade

Retrospective Analysis of Depression Treatment in Injured Workers with Chronic Pain
Sponsor: John Berner, M.D.,

Sydney Sundell

Culture Through Currency: How Coins Define Antioch
Sponsor: Robert Chenault, Classics and History

Max Turetsky

Alienation in the 'One State': A Marxian Analysis of Zamyatin's We
Sponsor: William Smaldone, History

Wil Bakula

Musicians of Portland and New Orleans: An Investigation into the Cultural Effects on Creative Processes
Sponsor: Mike Nord, Music

Olivia Barry

Shakespeare's Outsiders
Sponsor: Allison Hobgood, English

Maribel Carrazco Padilla

How Much We Didn’t Know: Barriers to First-Generation College Student Graduation
Sponsor: Michael Niño, Sociology

Casey Dobbert

Sheep-stainability: An Examination of Sustainable Farming Practices Within the Fiber Arts Community
Sponsor: David Altman, Physics

Zoe Gantner

The Cost of a Dream: The Los Angeles Water Wars and How Water Laws Changed the Fate of a City
Sponsor: Jennifer Jopp, History

Molly Jones

Narratives and Counter-Narratives of South Korea’s Orphans and Transnational Adoptees
Sponsor: Roy Perez, English

Tessa Konik

Deconstructing Homelessness Through Community Examination and Involvement
Sponsor: Eric Lassahn, Office of Community Service Learning

Charlotte Lerner-Wright

Letters, Illuminated: Exploring the Life of a Medieval Nun using Medieval and Contemporary Art and Imagery
Sponsor: Wendy Petersen-Boring, History

Gretal Menzies

Seeing through the Senses: Accessible Art at Willamette University
Sponsor: Alexandra Opie, Studio Art

Therese Nguyen

Rethinking Old Age through the Illness Narratives of Vietnamese Elders
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Salome Paul

The Politics of Community: Oral Histories of Acoli South Sudanese Asylum Seekers in Yumbe District, Uganda
Sponsor: Amadou Fofana, French and Francophone Studies

Elle Wilson

Sponsor: Sarah Sentilles, Studio Art
former Visiting Professor

Madelon Bergan

A Temporary Chamber Ensemble as a Community: Exploring the Role of Adult Music-Making as an Affinity Group
Sponsor: Pam Moro, Anthropology

Emma Giron

Determining Possible Relationships Between the Real Minimum Wage and the Cost of Living in Seattle
Sponsor: Tabitha Knight, Economics

Ari Hoffman

Learning from Tucson’s Mexican American Studies Project: San Francisco’s Ethnic Studies Future through the Looking Glass
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Madison Immel

Walking as Exploration in Cities and Mountains
Sponsor: David Gutterman, Politics

Abigail Lahnert

Museums of the Odd: An exploration of what we value and the human relationship to objects
Sponsor: Sarah Sentilles, Religious Studies

Carol Li

Discourses of Aloha: Understanding the Colonial Paradise that is Hawai’i
Sponsor: Maegan Parker Brooks, CCM

Lindsay Lutes and Abigail Manoucheri

Vincent and Jo: The Story of How Vincent Van Gogh became Vincent Van Gogh
Sponsor: Susan Coromel, Theatre

Kees McGahan

Modeling Plant Phenology Changes with Climate Factors
Sponsor: Briana Lindh, Biology

Ellen Rumley

Measuring the Effect of a Myosin Mutation Associated with Heart Disease on Trafficking by Multiple Motors
Sponsor: David Altman , Physics

Phoebe Wagner

Decolonizing Cultural Education: A Study of Māori Language, Arts and Crafts in Rotorua, New Zealand
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Zachary Ward

No Country for Old Religion
Sponsor: David Gutterman, Politics

Luther Caulkins

Evaluating Educational Goals in Chinese Buddhist Monastic Education
Sponsor: Juwen Zhang, Chinese Studies

Caroline Fowler

Examining the Relationship Between the Built Environment and Obesity: A Policy Paper
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Elena Hinkle

Little London on the Homefront: Creating Historical Fiction
Sponsor: Marianna McJimsey, Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs

Edna Htet

Roses and thorns: Campaigns Against the Use and Recruitment of Child Soldiers in Myanmar
Sponsor: Jonneke Koomen, Politics

Maya Kaup

Preserving the Willamette Valley's Natural History and Biodiversity
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Hania Marien

A Troubling Disconnect: Exploring Why Greater Ethnic Diversity in Schools has not Translated into Greater Ethnic Representation in School Books
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Naomi Morgan

Medicalization and the Lifecycle of the Birthing Process
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Taylor Saunders

Discovering Stars and Uncovering Facts: Investigating Science through Poetry
Sponsor: David Altman, Physics

Lark Smith

Black and Jewish American Intersectionality from "16**" to Maryse Condé
Sponsor: Roy Perez, English

Hailee Vandiver

The Politics of Existential Risk: Post-Fukushima Nuclear Energy in South East Asia
Sponsor: Greg Felker, International Studies

Margaret Woodcock and Evann Zuckerman

Alternative Modes of History: Non-traditional Monographs and Creative Responses
Sponsor: Leslie Dunlap, History

George Zenker

From Patrols to Police Brutality: An Analysis of the Legacy of American Slavery
Sponsor: Wendy Petersen Boring, History

Laura Cullen

Friendship Maintenance after High School: Implications for Psychological Well-Being
Sponsor: Melissa Witkow, Psychology

Michaelanne Foster

Byzantine and Beyond: Learning to Write Christian Icons According to Sixth-Century Tradition
Sponsor: Ricardo De Mambro Santos, Art History

Heather Kyllingmark

Soundtrack as Aesthetic Persuader: An Experiential Pursuit of the Art and Rhetoric of Filmic Sound
Sponsor: Michael Nord, Music

Kaitlin O'Neill

The Letter Ogham Stone: Looking at Cross-Temporal Cultural and Archaeological Connections pf Standing and Inscribed Stones in Ireland
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Benjamin Mow

Solving the Mystery of AC Andromeda: The Study of a Triple-Mode Pulsating Star
Sponsor: Richard Watkins , Physics

Lindsay Russo

Warm-up Duration Effect on Knee Valgus Angles for Female Soccer Players
Sponsor: Brandi Row Lazzarini, Exercise Science

Hannah Schwarz

Shifting Landscapes of Peruvian Identity and the Production of Quinoa
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Brenna Smelt

Creating Aerial Performance with Technology and Experimentation
Sponsor: E.J. Reinagel, Theater

Soren Underdahl

The Categorical Betrayal of Humanity: Kant's Influence on Nazism
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Jennifer Allaway

Women, Video Games, and the Industry: Time to Change
Sponsor: Stainslav Vysotsky, Sociology

Noor Amr

Sexual Assault, Social Justice, and Islam: How the Egyptian Revolution Created a New Generation of Feminist Student Activism
Sponsor: Megan Ybarra, Women's and Gender Studies, Politics, and Latin American Studies

Dylan Angell

The Nature of V829 Aquila: Revisiting an Understudied Delta Scuti Star
Sponsor: Richard Watkins, Physics

Theresa Barosh

Distribution and Development of a Recently Discovered Insect
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Dana Crosby

The Neuroscience of Beauty
Sponsor: Jeremy Miller, Psychology

Kyle Davey

A Comparison of Increases in REE in Response to HIIT and Steady State Aerobic Training
Sponsor: Michael Lockard, Exercise Science

Mariah Grubb

Examining the Efficacy of Volunteer Tourism
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Jay Howard

Investigating the Regulatory Role of Calcium in Rat Myosin 1b Activity
Sponsor: David Altman, Physics

Jordis Miller

Looking from the Outside In: An Evaluation of the Roles of the Artists in the Art Brut Movement
Sponsor: William Duvall, History

Christian Oldham

Myst Gets in My Eyes
Sponsor: Ricardo De Mambro Santos, Art History

Joellen Sweeney

Ghost Variations: A Theatrical Exploration of the Lives of Robert and Clara Schumann
Sponsor: Jonathan Cole, Theater

James Volz

Sound of the City
Sponsor: Michael Chasar, English

Connor Yoste

A New Model for Algorithmically Improvised Jazz
Sponsor: Robert Keller, Harvey Mudd College, Computer Science

Travis Andreasen

Sponsor: Scott Nadelson, English

Caroline Cahill

Evaluating the Health Changes in Asian International Students at a West Coast Liberal Arts College
Sponsor: Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Joseph Campbell

Subsistence Strategies of Homeless LGBT Youth in Portland, Oregon
Sponsor: Scott Vandehey, Anthropology

Matthew Faunt

Lifelong Bonds and Intentional Communities: Camp Programming in the State of Oregon
Sponsor: Ethan Erickson, Tsuga Community Commission

Meagan Hash

A Species in Need of Management: A Study of Wildlife Management from East Africa to Gray Wolves in Montana
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Science

Lars Henriksen

Narrative of Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and American Newspaper Coverage of the Nuclear Crisis in Fukashima, Japan
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Kristine Lim

Biomechanics Assessment and Evidence-Based Community Outreach
Sponsor: Robin Dorociak, Exercise Science

Andrew Long

Queer Hieroglyphs: Visual Storytelling Combining the Techniques of Queer Street Art and Rock Art
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew, Studio Art

Michael Lukas

How Influential Was It?: A Study of Neolithic Pottery, Their Sources, and Production Techniques at the Ness of Brodgar
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Science

Dan McCulley

An Inquiry into Astrophysics: Understanding Triple Mode Pulsating Variable Stars
Sponsor: Rick Watkins, Physics

Elena Wimberger

Generational Impacts on Civil Disobedience: How the Legacy of a Dictatorship has Influenced Current Student Activism in Chile
Sponsor: Megan Ybarra, Politics and Latin American Studies

Emily Bee and Annika Moffett

The Effects of 17x-ethynylestradiol on Behavior and Development of Zebra Danio
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Elizabeth Calixtro

Domestic Violence Reporting in the Latino Community
Sponsor: Meredy Edelson, Psychology

Jake Hagood

Area Survey of LGBT Resources and Services
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Ruth Heald

Rossini to Rogers: Exploring the Intersection of Classical Voice Training and Musical Theatre Performance
Sponsor: Mike Nord, Music

Cameron Hill

Absent Landscapes
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew, Studio Art

Stephanie Jones

Into the Minds of Math Teachers
Sponsor: Steve Rhine, School of Education

Sam Kuhn

In Search of the Miraculous
Sponsor: Ricardo De Mambro Santos, Art History

Zachary Lange

Roughskinned Newts in the Willamette Valley: Population Distribution and Land-Use Effects
Sponsor: Emma Coddington, Biology

Adam Lozier

Visible Hands, Invisible Forces: The Market and Immigrant Worker Agency in the Willamette Valley
Sponsor: Benjamin Peterson, History

Rachael Mayer

Involving Communities: The Importance of Voice in Online Museum Exhibitions
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Micah Mizukani

Okinawan Voices: Effect of Japanese Perceptions on Okinawan Identity
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara, Japanese and Chinese

Jennifer Ristau

The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: A Global Movement's Claims Explored on a Local Scale
Sponsor: Leslie Dunlap, History

Sarah Worthing

Stalin's Ghost: A Study of Popular Memory of the Stalinist Era
Sponsor: Mark Conliffe, Russian

Jeffery Collins

Causes of Time Dependency in the Primate Molecular Clock
Sponsor: Christopher Smith,
Major: Biology

Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz

Cultural Resource Survey of Zena Forest
Sponsor: Scott Pike,
Major: Environmental Science

Sydney Gabbard

Fitting the Part: Reconciling Feminism and Traditional Operatic Roles
Sponsor: Grant Linsell,
Major: Music, Performance Voice

Kenneth Hendricks

Fire Department Relations in a Vertical World
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara,
Major: Japanese Studies

Breanna Lee

The Dynamic Folk: Joanna Newsom and the Participant-Based Construction of Folk Music Subgenres
Sponsor: Pamela Moro,
Major: Music

Kelli Maeshiro

Search for Identity through an Imaginary Mother-Daughter Relationship
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew,
Major: Art

Abraham Moland

Hakuna Matatu: Enhancing Pedestrian Safety in Nairobi, Kenya
Sponsor: Peter Harmer,
Major: Exercise Science

Tejeswara Reddy

Seeds of Colonialism: A Study of the Effects of Genetically-Modified Seed on Indian Farmers and its Ramifications on a Globalized Economy through Gandhian Philosophy
Sponsor: Joe Bowersox,
Double Major: Environmental Science and Economics

Benjamin Scheiner

An Instrumental Case Study of PCUN: Immigrant Unionization and Union Revitalization in the United States
Sponsor: Melissa Buis Michaux,
Major: Politics

Charles Utting

The Kid: A Visual History of Billy the Kid
Sponsor: Michael Strelow,
Major: History

Alyssa Anderson

Hallbwachs, Robben Island, and the Race Card: Reclaiming the Past of the Rainbow Nation
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Dan Bullard

The Art of Vinyl: Analog Music in a Digital Age
Sponsor: Julian Snow, Music

Ben Clanton

Exploring Imagination and the Act of Storytelling: Creating a Children’s Picture Book
Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Megan Delph

’Por la Patria’: Arguments of the 2008 Ecuadorian Constitution
Sponsor: John Uggen, Spanish

Lindsey Falkenburg

How Oaxacan Families Cope with Economic Depression
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Paxton Gehling

Mehldau to Maqam: Modern Jaz and Middle Eastern Classical Music
Sponsor: Mike Nord, Music

Tyler Hoecker and Justin Olnes

Why did the Grizzly Bear Cross the Road?: A Study of Ursus arctos and the Ecology of Roads in the Muskwa-Ketchika, British Columbia
Sponsor: Jennifer Johns, Biology

Stina Janssen

Body Talk: (De) Constructing a Narrative of Body Image in U.S. West Coast Young Women
Sponsor: Jade Aguilar, Sociology, and Leslie Dunlap, History

Korina Keaton

Man vs. Wild
Sponsor: Alexandra Opie, Art

Rachel Sabin

Old Originals: A Modern Recontextualization of Master Oil Paintings
Sponsor: Heidi Grew, Art

Tom Salina

The Contemporary Carnival Grotesque
Sponsor: Stanislav Vysotsky, Sociology

Alissa Alexander

D.E. May: The Artist as an Archivist
Sponsor: Roger Hull, Art

Rebecca Demarest

Granddaddy: Research and Meditation on 15 Pages of Letters
Sponsor: Gretchen Flesher Moon, English

Katlyn Giombolini

Sustaining the Local Food Movement: Farmers in the Willamette Valley
Sponsor: Kimberlee Chambers, Earth and Environmental Science

Holly Janka

Medieval Pilgrimage: Art as a Manifestation of Christian Spirituality
Sponsor: Wendy Peterson Boring, History

Sarah Kutten

Ghana's New Bonding Measures: Is Nursing a Ticket Out?
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Andrew Lackman

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Green vs. Gray Infrastructure
Sponsor: Don Negri, Economics

Acacia McGuire

Identifiable Victim Effect
Sponsor: James Friedrich, Psychology

Stacy Michaelson

Examining the Relationship of Farm Women to Feminism: A Case Study of Southern Oregon
Sponsor: Melissa Buis-Michaux, Politics

John Michael Miller

The "Unknowable" Policy Guide: A Critical Assessment of Natural Rate Theory and Application by the Federal Reserve
Sponsor: Jerry Gray, Economics

Laura Westmeyer

Working the Land: The Future of Argentine Cattle Ranchers and the Land Upon Which They Graze
Sponsor: Kimberlee Chambers, Earth and Environmental Science

Shannon Buckley

Using Birds as Indicators of Restoration Success in the Deer Creek Watershed
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Kyle Evans-Lee

Turbulence, Fluid, and Navier-Stokes
Sponsor: Johnner Barrett, Mathematics

Diana Haughton and Natalie Schultz

Knowledge is the Preface of Peace
Sponsor: Wayne Gregory, TIUA

Lindsey Hoverson

The Effect of Ionic Mercury on the Photosynthetic Rate of /Arabidopsis thaliana/
Sponsor: Gary Tallman, Biology

Emily Johnson

Inequalities within the Women's Healthcare Delivery System in France
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Trudi Kahler

Handling the Heat: Exploration of Enameling
Sponsor: Michael Boonstra, Art

Emily Maxwell

A Study of Synethesia: The Effects of Color on Memory
Sponsor: Mark Stewart, Psychology

Melissa Ostermick

Specificity of Vocalizations in the American Crow
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Natalie Sashkin

Stimulating Neuroplasticity: The Effects of Enriched Environmental Conditions on Dopaminergic Neurogenesis in the Substantia Nigra of a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease
Sponsor: Charles Meshul, OHSU
(on campus: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz, Biology)

Emily Standen

No News of Boz: An Introspective Exploration of American Ways
Sponsor: April Overstreet, Spanish

Danielle Stevens

Ho Brodda: Investigating Hawaii's Hodgepodge of Linguistic Identities
Sponsor: Amadou Fofana, French

Lukas Strandberg

Erosion Control on America's Mountain
Sponsor: Eric Billmeyer, Rocky Mountain Field Institute
(on campus: Scott Pike, Environmental and Earth Science)

Brittany Thiemens

VO2max Testing in Swimmers: Non-Sport Specific Monark® Arm Crank vs. Sport-Specific Vasa® Ergonometer
Sponsor: Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Nicholas Woolsey

Japan and the Lost Songs of World War Two
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara, Japanese and Chinese

Carolyn Burns

“The Role of Family in Mental Health Care in Oaxaca, Mexico”
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Ivo Dimitrov

“Rediscovering the Role of King Boris III in the Bulgarian Rescue”
Sponsor: William Smaldone, History

Mara Hansen

“A Critical Examination of Medical Pluralism in Rural Guatemala”
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Rebekah Harmon

“The Source of the Sun: An Art Book of Japanese Mythology”
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara, Japanese

Joe Kaczmarek

“Poetry with a Point: Modern Use of Poetry as a Vehicle for Rhetorical Appeal”

Sponsor: David Douglass, Rhetoric & Media Studies

Maya Karp

“The Daily Grind”

Sponsor: Jenny Orr, Computer Science

Jennifer Kong

“Establishing a Correlation Between the Anamorphic Development and Nervous System Maturation of the Copepod (Undinula vulgaris)”

Sponsor: Petra Lenz, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Forrest Lindsay-McGinn

“Cultural Change and the Environment: A Study of Solar Cooking in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Sponsor: Peter Eilers, Earth & Environmental Science

Steve Malick

“Gender Identity and Jesus: The Masculinities of Christian Men”

Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Lauren Pressler

“Ludwig Salzer: Man of Letters”

Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Lin Zhao

“Education and Identity: A Study of Second-Generation Asian Americans and the Impact of Higher Education on their Search for Cultural Identity”
Sponsor: Juwen Zhang, Chinese Language & Culture

Darrell McGie

“Hydrogen from Wastewater: Oregon's Alternative Energy?”

Sponsor: Karen Arabas, Environmental Science

Alexis Walker

“Frederick Douglass' Tour of the British Isles”

Sponsor: Richard Ellis, Politics

Matthew Iverson

“Humanity Distilled into Sounds: Creating an Album of Original Compositions”
Michael Nord, Music

Megan Flora

“Lessons Unlearned: An Analysis of Smoking and Socioeconomic Status in Ecuador”

Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Timothy Stumhofer

“Smart Growth in Post-Measure 37 Oregon: Urban Transportation Policy in a Time of Changing Land-Use”

Sponsor: Laura Leete, Public Policy Research Center

Caitlin Letts

“A Field Guide to the Birds of Washington Park”

Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Yen Tran

“Contemporary Vietnamese Artist Nguyen Chau Giang and her Focus on Modern Vietnamese Women”

Sponsor: Kevin Greenwood, Art

Melenie Duval

“Case Number 016441: A Narrative Analysis of a Condemned Father's Plea”

Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Rhetoric & Media Studies

Andrew Thomson

“The Edge of an Empire: Excavating Archaeological Remains of Roman Occupation in Jordan”

Sponsor: David McCreery, Religious Studies

Katherine Ervine

“A Walking Tour of Everett, Washington”

Sponsor: Seth Cotlar, History

Christopher Garrett

"The Defense of Deseret: An Examination of LDS Trade Policies and Development Efforts"
Sponsor: Jim Hanson, Economics

Jacen Greene-Powell

Muslim Culture in the Cities of North China"
Juwen Zhang, Japanese/Chinese Studies

Lucas Hernandez

"The Sotos: A Co-Perception Film Documentary on Immigration and the Differing View of One Family"
Catherine Collins, Rhetoric/Media Studies

Nicole Lindquist

"Spreading the Word: Challenges in Getting Legal Help to the Lower Class in Oregon"
Sponsor: Laura Leete and Michelle Buis Micheaux, Director of WU Public Policy Research Center, Politics

Nicole Lucas

In the Face of Death, Prejudice, and Fear of Mortality: Our Tendency to Use Proportional Reasoning Regarding the Value of Middle Eastern and American Lives"
James Friedrich, Psychology

Maria Olivares

Oaxaca: A Journey through Ceramics
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew, Art

Beth Phillips

Remembering and Dealing with Domestic Violence: Youth in Transition
Sponsor: Pamela Moro, Anthropology

Sarah Sprinkle

"Trafficking Legislation in Thailand: A Closer Look at Everyone Involved"
Sponsor: Suresht Bald, Politics

Suzanne Torre

Comparing Wetland Habitats: An Analysis of Plant-Pollinator Diversity
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Rachel Warren-Allen

"Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest: A Series of Paintings and Photographs
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew, Art

Annie Bither-Terry

The Breast Monologues"
Sponsor: Frann Michel, English

Heather Clifton

The Effect of Cardiovascular Drift on Energy Expenditure and Substrate Utilization
Sponsor: Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Adrienne Davich

Ethnography of a Small-Town Tragedy: An Acute Childhood Leukemia Cluster in Fallon, Nevada
Sponsor: Carol Long, English; Peter Wogan, Anthropology,

Allison Ervine

Welcome Sammy: My Carson Undergraduate Research Project"
Bonnie Young, School of Education

Caitlin Hansen

The Art of Illustration: A Final Report"
Heidi Preuss Grew, Art

Patrick Keys

Voices in a Samoan National Park: A study of US conservation efforts in the islands of American Samoa"
David Craig, Biology

Benjamin Peterson

The IWW Experience in Washington State 1905-1920
Sponsor: Seth Cotlar, History

Miranda Scolari

The Effects of Synesthesia on Memory for Colored Words
Sponsor: Mark Stewart, Psychology

Abrie Schroeder

"Giggling Nannies' and 'Sassy Peppers': The Perceptual Reality of Synesthetic Photisms
Sponsor: Mark Stewart, Psychology

Gerrit Southard

"The Effects of Cardiovascular Drift on Energetics: Hematological Considerations
Sponsor: Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Gregory Boggs

The Effects of an External Nasal Dilator on Aerobic Performance in Trained Women"
Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Alex Dukalskis

Navigating Social Worlds: The Oregon Farm Worker Ministry and the Intersection of Religion and Politics"
David Gutterman, Politics; Angus Vail, Sociology,

Steve Duman

Filmmaking: An Art of Compromise
Sponsor: Maggie Burns, English

Katy Long

"Differential Encoding of Positive and Negative Information
Sponsor: Karen Solomon, Psychology

Jon McNeill

"From Script to Screen: "No Shadows"
Sponsor: Maggie Burns, English

Lynn Miyahira

Okinawa's Awkward Guests: Conflicting Attitudes Surrounding the U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa"
Suresht Bald, Politics

Amy Nanney

La Vida en Sombras: Chronicling the Lives and Struggles of Undocumented Mexican Immigrants"
Patricia Varas, Spanish

Rosemary Roberts

Paris to Portland: Abortion, Contraception and Feminism in Two Cultures
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Emily Scott

"The Research of Five Orthodox Christian Icons
Sponsor: Ann Nicgorski, Art History

Bjorn Southard

The Mall and its Monuments: Visual Rhetoric and Responsibility"
Catherine Collins, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Graeme Byrd

Trust: the Digital Evolution"
Ken Nolley, English; Scott Steward, The Orphanage Entertainment,

Lindsay Woolf Logsdon

One Flew East, One Flew West: The Loss of the Western in Forman's Cinematic Translation of Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Sponsor: Ken Nolley, English

Benjamin Maixner

"Theatre: The Last Line of Defense"
Sponsor: Christopher Harris, Theatre

Kathleen Krieger

Internship at Bread and Puppet Theatre: Create Original Puppets and Masks, and Produce an Experimental Theatre Production"
Sponsor: Heidi Grew, Art; Julie Akers, Theatre,

Laura Leinewebber

School and Community: A Study of the Effects of The Dual Language Program at Grant School on the Northeast Salem Neighborhood"
Sponsor: Bob Dash, Politics

Kelda Martensen

Impressions of South Africa: A Multi-Media Box
Sponsor: Heidi Grew, Art

Naomi Villman

Will a Six-Week Summer Program Modeling a Book Club, With Emphasis on Fluency and Vocabulary Meaning, Show Significant Comprehensive Reading Gains?"
Bonnie Young, School of Education

Ki Sun Ruiz

A Gathering for Wind Ensemble"
John Peel, Music

Jessica Anderson

"The Effects of Race and Age on Face Recognition Abilities"
Karen Solomon, Psychology

Tobin Addington

Looking Back: The Making of Between the Lines: One Branch of a Montana Family History
Sponsor: Ken Nolley, English

Michael Birkeland

A Receptor Binding Assay: 2,4-D May Interfere with Progesterone Binding in Xenopus laevis Oocyte Maturation
Sponsor: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz, Biology

Anne Evans

Women of Faith: The Current Situation and Future of Roman Catholic Sisters in the United States
Sponsor: Doug McGaughey, Religious Studies

Devadatta Gandhi

War, Sanctions, and Displacement: The Iraqis in Jordan and the Insufficient International Refugee Concept"
Sponsor: Joe Bowersox III, Politics

Noah Horton

Development of a Neural Network System"
Sponsor: Genevieve Orr, Computer Science

Cindy Koenig

Salmon as Spirit, Sport and Service Provider: An Analysis of Root Metaphors in the Discourse of Oregon Salmon Restoration
Sponsor: David Douglass, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Johnny Lake

Voices of the Elders"
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Maegan Lindsay

Pioneering on the Health Care Frontier: An Application of the Deliberative Democracy Justice Theory to the Case Study of the Oregon Health Plan"
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Danielle Mathey

The Use of Non-Medical Contraceptive Methods in the U.S.: Documentation and Analysis"
Sponsor: Pamela Moro, Anthropology

Julie Sparks

The Painted Word
Sponsor: Mark Usher, Classics

Torry Bend

"Silk Constructions of Femininity Based on Female Forms of Botticelli, Michelangelo, Correggio and Titian"
Sponsor: Christopher Harris; Robert Hess, Theater; Art

Cathy Brown

Happy Feet: Enhancing Balance and Agility in Older Individuals Through Tap Dance Training
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Lyn Delmastro

The Palace of Versailles: A Place of Memory in the French National Consciousness
Sponsor: William Duvall, History

Eben Dickinson

The Harmony and Discord Between Lithography and Etching: A Visual Research Project Through the Creation of Two Print Series
Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Katherine L. Fraser

"Exploring the Political Ramifications of Urbanization"
David McCreery, Religious Studies

Deborah Ann Kermer

An Investigation into the Perceived Quality of Classroom Materials"
Sponsor: James Friedrich, Psychology

Vi Ly

Hainan Island: A Study of Gender Relations from the Periphery of the Communist Revolution in China"
Sponsor: Paul Howard, History

Michael Osland

A Comparison of Rocky Intertidal Species Diversity in Oregon and Panama"
Sponsor: John Koprowski, Biology

Matthew Reudink

"Investigation of Simian Retro viruses: Addressing the Safety of Xenotransplants
Sponsor: Richard Grant,

Warren J. L. Wood

Chemical Analysis of Middle Bronze and Iron Age Ceramic Vessels from Tell Nimrin (Jordan) and Tell Qarqur (Syria)
Sponsor: Scott Hawke; David McCreery, Biology; Religious Studies

Travis Brouwer

The New Politics of Community: The Origins, Principles, and Influence of Political Communitarianism
Sponsor: Robert Hawkinson, Politics

Kenneth Duncan

Delineation of an Alkaline Kolk Wetland Using an Innovative DGPS Mapping Technique
Sponsor: Peter Eilers, Geography and Environmental Studies

Ben Joyce

Annales Cambriae: A Personal Chronicle
Sponsor: Linda Bowers; Robert Hess, Art; English

David Knott

Sound Tools: Experimental Instrument Building and Creative Self-Expression for Homeless Youth
Sponsor: Stuart Dempster,

Annalivia Komyate

"Ebonics, Black English and Education: A Cross-Cultural Experience"
Sponsor: Adele Birnbaum; Richard Biffle, English; Education

Joey Lillywhite

Archaeological Excavation vs. Cleaning and Reconstruction: Observations from the Field
Sponsor: Ann Nicgorski; David McCreery, Religion; Art

Barry Nelson

The Creation of a Vocal Big Band"
Martin Behnke, Music

Brooke Steams

Developing Dakar: Microcredit Loans to Senegalese Women"
Sponsor: Amiko Matsumoto, Community Service Learning

Greg Stiles

"A Comparison of United States & German Waste Management"
Sponsor: Karen Arabas, Geography and Environmental Science

Angela Turley

Morgan's Lament"
Linda Bowers; John Peel, English; Music

Casey Connaway

Tales of the American West: A Volume of Nine Short Stories
Sponsor: Michael Strelow, English

Kalen Feeney

American Sign Language in Theatre"
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Caty Haber

Las Desaparecideas de Democracia (The Disappeared of Democracy)
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Jeremy Hall

A Comparison of the Consequences of Conventional and Sustainable Agricultural Methods: A Quantification of Stewardship"
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Brook Houglum

"Seamus Heaney: Development of Literary Place"
Sponsor: Carol Long, English

Justin Klure

Transition to a Post Petroleum Economy"
Sponsor: Russ Beaton, Economics

Dean Nakanishi

"Between Worlds: The Willamette University Japanese American Experience Resulting from Executive Order 9066"
Sponsor: Linda Tamura, Education

Brooks Rademacher

"Megatrol Acetate: Isolation and Identification of its Metabolites"
Sponsor: Rodney Pommier, Thea Wilmarth

Angela Ridinger

Marginalization and Misogyny: A Historical Analysis of African-American Women n the American Film Canon"
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Melissa Sangers

Identifying the Furin Binding Region in ABP-280: A Protein Study"
Sponsor: Gary Thomas,

Thuan Tran and Jin Song Yom

Acne Vulgaris: A Case Study in Antibiotic Susceptibility and Quinolines as Alternative Therapy"
Sponsor: Mitchell Smith, Biology

Evgenia Abbruzzese

"Comparative Analysis of Russian and American School Mathematics Systems: What are the Russians Doing that Provides So Much Better Results?"
Sponsor: Richard S Hall, Mathematics

Andrew Erie Bernhard

"Justin Martyr and the Acceptance of the Gospel of John into Normative Christianity"
Sponsor: Douglas McGaughey, Religion

Jeffrey Brislin

"Statistical Analysis of the Influence of Indian Casinos on Oregon Lottery"
Sponsor: Richard Iltis, Mathematics

Elizabeth Byrne

"Suite for Elementary Band"
Sponsor: John Peel, Music

Kaedi Garvin

"Water Testing in Rural, Mountain Communities: Oaxaca, Mexico"
Sponsor: Doug Rawlins,

Tera Heintz

"A Defense of the Coherentist Theory of Epistemic Justification"
Sponsor: Lou Goble, Philosophy

Blayne M. Higa

"Light in the Crevice Never Seen:The Indigenous Voice and the Rhetoric of Resistance Literature"
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric

Marc Kassis

"Structural Parameters of the Old Open Clusters"
Sponsor: Eileen Friel,

Lisa Lambert

"A Filmmaker and a Movement: Tracing the Effects of Neorealism on the Evolution of Federico Fellini's Film Style"
Sponsor: Ken Nolley, English

Beatrice Murch

"Adaptation of The Last Ride"
Sponsor: Gill Dennis,

Garrick Olson

"Performance, Flexihility and Security of Micro-kernel Object Oriented Operating Systems"
Sponsor: Edmond Loyot, Computer Science

Heather Parkinson

"The Wood River Promise: A Chronicle Exploring Forgotten Currents"
Sponsor: Carol Long, English

Scott Anderson

"Illustrating Hamlet: Exploring the Creative Process"
Linda Bowers; Robert Hess, English; Art

Wardeh Bisharat

"Translation & Critical Analysis of the Funeral Oration of Pericles"
Lane McGaughy; Catherine Collins, Rhetoric; Religion

Tiffany Ellis (with Kara Ritzheimer)

"Bentham Comes to America: The Hidden Influences of Jeremy Bentham on American Political and Legal Thought"
Sammy Basu, Politics

Michael Fleschner

Sponsor: Martin Behnke, Music

Stacie Joyce

"Pet Therapy: An Alternative Program
Sponsor: Linda Heuser, Sociology

David Kerr

"Assessing the Effects of Deep Pressure on Anxiety Reduction in Individuals Diagnosed with Autism
Sponsor: Meredyth Goldberg Edelson, Psychology

Mary Kneeland

"Mother-Juvenile Interactions Among Chiricahua Fox Squirrels, Eastern Fox Squirrels, and Eastern Gray Squirrels: A Correlate of Sociality?"
John Koprowski, Biology

Jan Muranaka

"Culture and Politics: The Impact of Ethnicity on Legislator-Constituency
Sponsor: Ronald Loftus; David Hagino, Foreign Language; Esq.

Gregory Pitter

"Alfred Tennyson's "Ulysses:" a vocal setting
Sponsor: John Peel, Music

Kara Ritzheimer (with Tiffany Ellis)

"Bentham Comes to America: The Hidden Influences of Jeremy Bentham on American Political and Legal Thought
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Chloe Tay

"Breaking Boundaries: The Fusion of Classical Ballet with Modern Dance Forms
Sponsor: Theatre,

Natella Svistunova

"Georgian Fairy Tales – A Keystone of Georgian Culture and Their Role in Keeping Alive the Georgian Cultural Tradition
Sponsor: Bill Braden, English

Michelle Corse (with Nicole Michael)

Ecological Studies to Ascertain the Rarity of the Chiricahua Fox Squirrel"
John Koprowski, Biology

Suzanne Crawford

Celtic Spirituality and Christian Syncretism
Sponsor: Lane McGaughy, Religion

Signe Dortch

"History of Salud Medical Center
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Timothy L. Eblen

The Secret of Success in Show Biz; Is There One?
Sponsor: Llewellyn Rhoe, Theatre

Michael Garrett

"Film "In A Room By the Sea"
Sponsor: Ken Holley; Gerard Bowers, English

Grady Harper

A Comparative Study of Wirtgensrein and Blake
Sponsor: Gerard Bowers, English

Nicole Michael (with Michelle Corse)

"Ecological Studies to Ascertain the Rarity of the Chiricahua Fox Squirrel
Sponsor: John Koprowski, Biology

Christine Montgomery

"A Study of William H. Johnson's Use of Color Through Woodcuts
Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Jane Patterson

Pictorial and Social Space: Changes in Society and Art as Reflected in 17th Century European Mapmaking
Sponsor: Roger Hull, Art

Elizabeth Simson

"The Rhetoric of Conservative Women: A Comparative Analysis of Anti-Suffragist and Anti-Feminist Discourse
Sponsor: David Douglass, Rhetoric

Thea Wilmarth

"Photochemistry of Porphyrin-Coated Titanium Dixoide Electrodes
Sponsor: Carl C. Wamser,

Diane Bush

T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral: A Study in Ritualistic Drama"
Richard Lord; George McCowen, English; History

Jennifer Butler (with Andrea Foust)

Floral and Genetic Variation in Clarkia amoena var. pacifica
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Jayne Downing-Burnette

Domestic and Sexual Violence in Oregon: Programs Services and Statistics
Sponsor: Kim Shay,

David Ferherstonhaugh

"An Elaboration Likelihood Model Analysis of Argument Integration
Sponsor: James Friedrich, Psychology

Karen Filipovich

A Visual Look at the Relationship between Wilderness and the Surrounding Civilization
Sponsor: Robert Hess, Art

Andrea Foust (with Jennifer Butler)

Floral and Genetic Variation in Clarkia amoena var. pacifica
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Nathan Kahler

A Multi-Media Exploration of Control Dynamics
Sponsor: Susan Lilly, Theatre

Kate Kenski

The Rhetoric of Governing"
Catherine Collins, Speech Communication

Ami Korsunsky

From Argentina to Birobidahan: Argentine Jewish Participation in the Establishment of a Jewish Homeland in the Soviet Far East
Sponsor: Richard Spielman, Political Science

Amy Peirce

"Neutron Diffraction: Study of Liquid Methanol under Pressure
Sponsor: Dan Montague, Physics

John Poulsen

A Case Study of the Iran-Contra Affair
Sponsor: Sureshr Bald, Political Science

Craig Briscoe

"Psychology and Classroom Design"
Mary Ann Youngren, Psychology

Peter Dudey

"Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Game of GO
Sponsor: Jim Levenick, Computer Science

Laura Florl

"Tactile Attention and Pattern Recognition
Sponsor: Paul Evans, Psychology

Elissaveta Ivanova

"Image of the United States: Television and Newspaper Coverage of the 1988 and 1992 U.S. Presidential Elections in Bulgarian Mass Media
Sponsor: Catherine Collins; Ken Nolley, Speech Communication; English

Kimberly Kenaston

Women Offenders Study"
Steven Hey, Sociology

Janice King

"Willamette Reference Collection of Paleobotanical Remains from the Middle East
Sponsor: David McCreery, Religion

Stephen Kirk

"A History of the Theory of the Presidential Mandate
Sponsor: Richard Ellis, Political Science

Todor Petev

"The Problem of the Presentation of Space in the Icons of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Sponsor: Roger Hull , Art

Michael Wyatt Pickett

A Film Adaptation of Richard Braurigan's Trout Fishing in America
Sponsor: Ken Nolley, English

Suat Ping Khoo

"In Quest of Debussy at Aspen Music School
Sponsor: Anita King, Music

Robert Ring

"Exploration of Numerical Algorithm Behavior Under the Application of Interval Mathematics
Sponsor: George Struble, Computer Science

Julian Snow

"Original Composition for Chamber Ensemble
Sponsor: John Peel, Music

Brian Thomas

"Embracing an Outward Oriented Development Strategy
Sponsor: Jim Hanson, Economics

Theresa Vandehey

"Contributors to Acquaintance Rape in College
Sponsor: Carol Ireson, Sociology

Dagny Haug

A Design Exploration"
Susan Lilly, Theatre

Kay Hefferlin

Mexican World Views Expressed Through Regional Popular Art
Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Edward Kerr

"The German Greens' Party: After Defeat in the 1990 National Elections
Sponsor: Chris Harris, Theatre

Melanie Kirkpatrick

"An Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland into a Performance Piece
Sponsor: Rocco Dal Vera, Theatre

Christopher Meier

"The Soviet Union's Economy of the Future: A Need for Markers
Sponsor: Russell Beaton, Economics

Julie Muniz

Catalogue Research and Exploration of the Sponenburgh Collection
Sponsor: Roger Hull, Art

Lance Peeler

A Study of the Effectiveness and Practicality of Computer Assisted Cognitive Remediation
Sponsor: William Devery; Peter LeBray, Psychology

Anne Phoenix

Historical Trends in American Deaf Education
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenherg; Connie Richards, History

Matthew Raley

B.B. and the Boys: The Princeton Doctrine of Inerrancy
Sponsor: Lane McGaughy, Religion

Jeffrey A. Schlies

"Personality Indicators of Lucid Dreaming
Sponsor: Mary Ann Youngren, Psychology

Michelle Schultz

A Feminist Study of Film and Text: The Handmaid's Tale
Sponsor: Frann Michel; Ken Nolley, English

Angela M. Smith

A Search for Certainty: The Role of Justification in the Attainment of Knowledge
Sponsor: Louis Goble, Philosophy

Chijo Takeda

"A Study of Edward Steichen's Photograph, Mary Learns to Walk, and the Application of its Expressionistic Gum-bichromate Technique to an Original Body of Work
Sponsor: Mary Ann Johns, Roger Hull, Art

Stephen A. Talley

"Ecological Characterization of Wilhoit Springs
Sponsor: Sharon Rose, Biology

Laura M. Zinniker

Race as a Determinant of French Immigration Policy
Sponsor: Suresht Bald, Political Science

Nathan A. Baxter

Debates and Formal Disputations Among Reformers During the Protestant Reformation
Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Speech Communications

Lisa Bridges

Archiving, Identifying and Cataloguing of the Paulus Collection Photo Negatives
Sponsor: Roger Hull, Art

Bryan Bridges

"Environmental and Ecological Movements in the Pacific Northwest: A Study of the Aprovecho Community and Permaculture Techniques
Sponsor: James Bjorkquist, Sociology

Michael J. Brucker

"Investigating the Physical Chemistry of Single Ions in Aqueous Solutions with Acidic Chemical Solutions
Sponsor: Arthur Payton, Chemistry

Timothy J. Chandler

"A Comparative Study of Recent Memberships in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Church of Christ, Scientist
Sponsor: Douglas McCaughey, Religion

David Wayne George

"Radioactive Decay Experimentation
Sponsor: Roberta Bigelow, Physics

Leah Alek Gorelik

"The Absorption of Soviet Jewish Immigrants by Israel
Sponsor: Richard Sutliff, English

Corinne Grande

"A Comparison of the Epicycle and Fourier Analysis Methods of Describing Motion of the Planetary System
Sponsor: Richard Iltis, Math

John Gray

"The Relationship Between Historic Variations in Northwest Alpine Glaciers and Concurrent Global Climate Trends
Sponsor: Gil LaFreniere, Earth Sciences

Michael A. Lysobey

"The Cultural Effects of Second Language Acquisition: Research in Mexico and the Soviet Union
Sponsor: Bea Gattuso, Psychology

Lance Todd Shipley

"Archaeological Dig at Tell Nim Rin, Jordan
Sponsor: David McCreery, Religion

Brenda Strickland

"Archaeological Dig at Tell Nim Rio, Jordan
Sponsor: David McCreery, Religion

Brian Weir

Adaptation of J. Ruth Gendler's The Book of Qualities into a One-Act Performance Piece
Sponsor: Susan Lilly, Theatre

Mariko Wilson

"Transcription of an Orchestral Composition for Band
Sponsor: Martin Behnke, Music

Haifa Bint-Kadi

Screen Adaptations of the Short Story "Growing up Female in Egypt"
Sponsor: Richard Sutliff, English

Par Charlton

"A Statistical Analysis of the Recent Oil Economy"
Sponsor: Russell Beaton, Economics

Rebekah Donigian

"The Role and Challenges of an Accompanist, Aspen Music School and Festival
Sponsor: Jean-David Coen, Music

Darcie Flanagan

Genetic Variety Among Plant Populations Inheriting Different Geographical Areas"

Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Kaj Fogdall

Investigating the Development of a Theory of Learning for the Intelligent Machine
Sponsor: James Levenick, Computer Science

Brandt Haagensen

"Observation of the Scattering Process in a New Diffractometer at Argonne National Laboratories
Sponsor: Daniel Montague, Physics

Greg Mulhauser

"The Tao of Determinism
Sponsor: Charles Wallace, Religion

Craig Pepin

The Increase of Atmosphere CO, and the Symbiotic Relationship of the Plant-VAM
Sponsor: Sharon Rose, Biology

John Rehm

"Luban Oko The Red Demon in Tsachi Oral Literature
Sponsor: John Uggen, Spanish

Kellie Rider

Depictions of Gender in the Top Five Saturday Morning Cartoons
Sponsor: Jeff Lukehart, Speech Communications

Cerena Scantlebury

"America's Rituals Surrounding the Concept of Death
Sponsor: Bea Gattuso; James Bjorkquist, Psychology; Sociology

Cinda St. John

Influence of the Persian Literature and Poetry on Certain Aspects of Iranian Society
Sponsor: John Lorentz, History

Jeffrey Youde

Archaeological Excavation at Tell Nim Rim, Jordan
Sponsor: David McCreery, Religion

Cynthia Ziel

An Oral History of Willamette University
Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Speech Communications

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