Meet Our Team!


Audrey Ely 
Audrey Photo
Hello! I am thrilled to help lead the incredible WEB team here at Willamette University, and so excited for all the events yet to come. I am a current senior, finishing up my business major and psychology minor. My all-time favorite events are putting together our Midnight Breakfasts each semester before finals! 

Vice President
Eclipse Albert
Hi, I'm Eclipse! I am majoring in psychology and this is my first full year in the position of Vice President. Last semester I really enjoyed Black Tie, and I am looking forward to it again this year in the spring.

Gabe Kronisch
Hello! My name is Gabe and I'm the Treasurer for Willamette Events Board. I'm responsible for the financial and budgeting aspects of running WEB and I'm excited to help support fun events on campus. I'm studying Japanese Studies and Economics as an undergrad student. My favorite WEB event is currently Black Tie.
General Event Planners
Aven Roberts
Aven Roberts is sophomore from Missoula, Montana. She is interested in majoring in Environmental Science and Civic Communication and Media. This is her first year as a general events planner for WEB and her favorite event is the spring kickoff (specifically the baby goats).

Lexi Thorsett 
Hey I'm Lexi and I'm one of the event planners for WEB! I'm a sophomore here at Willamette planning to major in English and I very much look forward to WEB's black tie event next semester! 

Maya Daniel 
My name is Maya Daniel and I am a declared psychology major and public health minor. At WEB, I am a general events planner, and I love being able to help brainstorm, plan, and host the events we put on for the school. If I had to pick my favorite event, it would be our black tie event that we put on in the spring! 

Lali Trejo 
Hi, I'm Lali! I am a Sociology Major, and my fav WEB Event is Black Tie!