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Gender Resource and Advocacy Center

The GRAC is located in the Montag Loft.

If this is an on-campus emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 503-370-6911 (x6911).

WARNING! Your web activity can be tracked. If the person who is harming you has access to this computer, please consider using a more secure computer.

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Gender Resource & Advocacy Center

The center is devoted to recognizing, responding to, and advocating for gender and sexuality justice, in addition to building a community around these issues. The GRAC is open to all members of the Willamette University community regardless of gender or sexual identity. Making sure that resources for support and success are accessible for LGBTQ+, women, men, and non-binary students at Willamette University is a primary goal the center is working towards.

The GRAC is staffed by trained peer advocates to respond to victims of sexual violence. We are here to build community and pursue collaborative action with others who advocate for gender equity and anti-violence through a framework of liberation for all.


The GRAC is currently offering limited in-person advocacy services Monday-Thursday 6-8PM, and phone or online appointments scheduled by email request. Contact: <confidential-advocate> or <SARA-Resources> for an appointment.

Advocacy services offered in the Gender Resource & Advocacy Center have been modified to respect social distancing and safe practices related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Access to support is especially important right now as many survivors may be in more vulnerable situations at home or may be feeling overwhelmed by the loss of control, isolation, and grief that this situation is bringing about. Feeling apprehensive about connecting with medical services is normal and expected at this time. Working with a confidential advocate can help alleviate some of these feelings and provide a review of available options and resources.

Consider personal safety and privacy as you prepare for an advocacy appointment. Select the communication method (phone, online chat, video conferencing) you believe entails the least risk at this time.

Deciding on the best communication option is up to you. We can help create a safety plan if any of any concerns exist.

What is a safety plan? A safety plan is a helpful tool to either navigate or end an abusive or unhealthy relationship. To complete a personalized safety plan online, visit

To pursue non-confidential reporting options on campus that will connect a survivor with an advocate in addition to the Office of Student Affairs, the online sexual misconduct report can be found here.

To receive limited medical response services as a result of sexual assault like emergency contraception and STI testing at no cost, contact Bishop Wellness Center at 503-370-6471 to schedule an appointment.

National Hotline and Support Options: click here


Email S.A.R.A.


Email the Confidential Advocate

Salem Health Resources

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  • Center for Hope and Safety (Salem, OR)

    The Center for Hope and Safety main offices are closed. While the advocacy hotline continues to operate 24/7, the calls are being sent to an answering service who will then contact an advocate to call the client back. Shelters are open and the center is working to accommodate social distancing by placing survivors in hotel rooms if the shelters are at capacity. For now, support groups have been canceled. Agency updates can be found by following their Facebook page and donations are encouraged to support families at this time. Hotline number: 503-399-7722. Spanish-speaking advocates are available.

  • Planned Parenthood (Salem, OR)

    Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care, and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. They can provide emergency contraception, abortion services, STI services and much more. You do not need to have insurance to access care, see their page for more information.

  • Salem Health (Salem, OR)

    Sexual Assault Forensic Exam services are still available 24/7 through the hospital’s emergency department. Salem Health is enforcing a strict no visitor policy, however, so advocates and other support people are not allowed to accompany a survivor in the exam room. Support people can wait outside the hospital (in a car in the parking lot, for instance) and video/phone calls are allowed while the exam is taking place. The traditional protocol will be observed where an advocate (from the Center for Hope and Safety) will be contacted to conduct a follow-up with the survivor. As always, survivors are NOT required to file a police report to receive a sexual assault forensic exam. More information about SANE services at Salem Health can be found here.

  • Sarah’s Place (Albany, OR)

    Sexual Assault Forensic Exam services are still available 24/7 at Sarah’s Place and they are allowing one support person or advocate to attend the exam with the survivor. While Sarah’s Place is connected to Samaritan Health Hospital, patients are kept in a private area and not exposed to the emergency department waiting area. Sarah’s Place exam rooms are in a separate area, removed from the main hospital. The traditional protocol will be observed where an advocate (from the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence in Corvallis) will be contacted to conduct follow-up with the survivor. More information about Sarah’s Place services can be found here.

Campus Specific Resources

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  • Bishop Wellness Center

    Bishop provides STI testing services, can prescribe birth control and refills, can treat sexual health issues including urinary tract infections, and provide emergency contraception (Plan B). They also have free condoms in the lobby.

    Learn More

  • Binders 4 Bearcats

    Binders 4 Bearcats (B4B) is a gender affirmation program offered through the Gender Resource and Advocacy Center that provides chest binders and safe binding educational resources to Willamette University students looking to alleviate gender dysphoria and find gender euphoria. Our intention is to provide a healthy, safe, and private option at no cost for students in an effort to support self-determination and reduce common financial and/or social barriers. Funding has been provided by the Community Action Fund for Equity and Sustainability.

    Email for more information about the B4B program and check out this article or video for more tips and tricks about binding. 

    Safe Binding 101:

    • binding is not risk-free
    • never use ace bandages
    • practice caution if  you use Trans  or KT Tape 
    • don’t bind for more than 8 hours, and take breaks during the day if you can
    • never bind when you’re sleeping, napping or sick
    • avoid binding if you’re doing physical activity (running, dancing, working out) 
    • If you wear it daily try to 1-2 days  off each week
    • listen to your body

    Red Flag Feelings:

    If you experience any of these, take a break! your body needs rest (or your binder’s too tight) -

    • back/chest/shoulder pain
    • tingling or numbness
    • shortness of breath
    • lightheadedness
    • skin marks or irritation

    If these feelings are persistent  and/or concerning, please consult a medical provider:

    • Bishop Wellness Center: (503) 370-6062
    • Salem Urgent Care on Bellevue St.: (503) 814-5554
  • All-Gender Bathrooms on Campus

    A current list and map of the all-gender bathrooms on campus. The University is currently working on making both bathrooms on the first floor of the University Center all-gender restrooms, hopefully, to be completed by the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester. 

  • SOAR Center

    The Students Organizing for Access to Resources (SOAR) Center strives to create equitable access to food, professional clothes, commencement regalia, and scholarly resources, especially books, for WU students. In an effort to help all students succeed, the SOAR Center is available to all students with a Willamette ID number: College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), American Studies Program (ASP), graduate school, and Willamette Academy students. The SOAR Center is located in the University Center on the third floor and houses the Bearcat Pantry, Clothing Share, and First-Generation Book Drive and is maintained by committed students, staff, and faculty advisors. Click here for more information.

Willamette University

Gender Resource and Advocacy Center (GRAC)

Montag Loft
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
GRAC: 503-370-6728
Sexual Assault Response Advocates Hotline: 503-851-4245
Confidential Advocate: 503-375-5361