What an anaerobic power test can tell you:

The Wingate Anaerobic Test can determine your peak anaerobic power, mean anaerobic power, and fatigue index. Anaerobic power reflects your ability to generate energy using metabolic pathways that do not require oxygen, such as glycolysis. In this 30 second supramaximal test, anaerobic metabolism will be the largest contributor of energy. Physiological factors that contribute to glycolysis will have an effect on your anaerobic power. These components include a greater capacity to produce lactic acid, larger stores of high-energy phosphate compounds, and a higher buffering capacity. A greater motivation and higher tolerance to discomfort has also been found to increase power output. Therefore, if you improve your anaerobic fitness, you will find that your power output will improve as a result. Peak and mean anaerobic power are expressed in watts (W) and fatigue index will be expressed as a percentage. Determination of your anaerobic power can help guide training practices by providing you with a point of reference for comparing yourself to others as well as for personal improvement. Training which stresses your anaerobic systems typically involves bursts of high intensity activity. The better your anaerobic fitness, the more power you will be able to generate before your body needs to rely on oxygen.

What to Expect:

For an anaerobic power test, you should arrive to our facilities in appropriate active wear and having had only a light meal. After you have been briefed by a technician on protocol your body weight will be recorded and the cycle ergometer seat will be adjusted to your height. The resistance to be added to the ergometer will be determined by multiplying your body weight in kilograms by 0.075. Initially you will begin with a 5 minute warm-up, pedaling at low to moderate intensity with intermittent sprints 4 to 6 seconds in length. You will then have a brief recovery period. When you begin your test you will have 10 seconds to reach a maximum pedal speed at one-third of full resistance. After 10 seconds, your technician will load the full resistance to the bike and you will attempt to maintain the highest possible rpm over the next 30 seconds. When the test has concluded you will be given a 2 to 3 minute recovery period. This test requires an all-out maximal effort, but it only lasts 30 seconds.

How anaerobic power is calculated:

Peak anaerobic power is found by multiplying the force, in newtons, of the cycle ergometer resistance by the number of pedal revolutions over a 5 second period in which you are pedaling the fastest. This value is then multiplied by the distance covered in one pedal revolution (6m) and then divided by 5 seconds. Mean anaerobic power is calculated using a similar equation, but for the entire 30 second duration of the test. Finally, your fatigue index is calculated as the percent decrease in power from your highest power output to your lowest power output. 

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