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Japanese Studies and Psychology majors

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In my eighth-grade year, I spent two weeks in Japan as part of a summer program. Until that point, I had only known about Japan through media and pictures. I could never have imagined walking through Tokyo on a warm summer night while squinting at the bright neon signs and trying to figure out where I should eat. I will never forget the beautiful architecture and tranquility of the countryside. I have been fascinated with Japan ever since then and have always wanted to return. When I came to Willamette, I didn’t expect to be majoring in Japanese Studies. However, the amazing faculty, presence of ASP students, and the opportunity to study abroad convinced me to pursue Japanese Studies. While in college, I plan to continue being a part of Japanese related cultural clubs and study abroad in Japan. In the future, I hope to find an area of work in which both my majors, Psychology and Japanese Studies, are applicable.

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Japanese Studies

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