Willamette University is proud to boast a sister-school relationship with Tokyo International University (TIU), a private university located in Kawagoe, Japan. The relationship has lasted since 1965, with the ASP program beginning in 1989. The ASP (American Students Program) allows for about 100 TIU students to study abroad for an academic year at Willamette. The ASP students arrive during Spring semester and finish their program at the end of December, staying on campus for a Summer semester.

There are many opportunities for Willamette students to interact with and get to know the ASP students in and outside of classes during their stay. Ranging from having an ASP roommate to being a Summer semester RA, here’s a list of possible activities you can take part in:

  • Participate at the Japanese Language Table to speak Japanese over meals.
  • Become a Language Partner with Japanese students through classes.
  • Become an International Program Assistant (IPA) supporting administrative and co-curricular work. 
  • Tutor Japanese students taking English and a variety of elective subject matter courses.
  • Be roommate/hallmate with Japanese students.
  • Work as a Summer RA (residence life staff) at TIUA in the Summer; help manage a one-week Japanese language & culture camp, “Kaneko Day Camp;” assist with Summer Special Programs.
  • Work as a Summer Programming Assistant to create co-curricular opportunities for Japanese students during their summer semester and summer vacation period).
  • Participate in the ASP Dinner Program and practice Japanese and English with Japanese students when they first come to campus.
  • Volunteer with Japanese students at Japanese cultural events such as Sakura Matsuri.
  • Teach Japanese at a Japanese after school program with Japanese students at a local middle school.
  • Visit local schools to share your Japan experience in the Language in Motion program.
  • Enjoy Japanese food at Kaneko Cafe while conversing with Japanese students during your lunch break.

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