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Japanese Studies major; Religious Studies minor

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Student Involvements, Achievements, and Future Plans
  • Major: Japanese Studies
  • Minor: Religious Studies
  • Future: Grad school (University of Memphis)
  • 2020 Improv Club Friend-of-the-Club
  • Fall 2018 Nerf Club Officer
  • 2016-2020 Video Game Club Member
  • 2016-2017 Tabletop Gaming Club Member
  • Recipient of Willamette University Scholarship
  • Recipient of Willamette University Grant
Student Message:

"Seriously, when working on your thesis and just otherwise while doing regular college stuff, you can't forget to make time for yourself. If you let your life be totally absorbed by your work, everything will suffer, especially your happiness and the quality of that work you're putting so much time into. Take a break from researching and writing every now and then. Do something fun. Trust me, there's plenty of time for both work and leisure. On top of that, make sure your thesis topic is something you're interested in. It's way easier to read 10 book about a subject you like than to read 1 about a subject you don't give a hoot about."

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Japanese Studies

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