R is a language that you can use to direct a computer to perform mathematical and statistical operations. RStudio is an interface that interprets the language and communicates your instructions to the computer. In Modeling with Calculus we will use RStudio and R to upload data, create models and graphs, and perform calculus operations. Because R is a computer language it will take some time to get used to the interface and the commands.


We will use a supplemental text that is a guide to RStudio (see WISE). As you read the chapters you should have RStudio open and work through the examples. This will make your preparation time a worthwhile learning time and will save you much frustration on the homework.


RStudio can be found in the computer labs in Ford (room 202 and 224), so you can get started right away. For this class you will also need commands loaded through the Mosaic package. This package is already downloaded on the computers in Ford labs, but you will need to check the box to load it each use of RStudio. Review help for loading the Mosaic package.


If you want to download R and RStudio to be able to use on your laptop or home computer there are directions below.


Downloading R and RStudio:

R and R Studio is a two-part free software package. You need both parts to "make it go." To get it on your own computer:

  1. Go to The Comprehensive R Archive Network to download the first file, the R computational engine. (What sort of computer do you have? (Windows? Macintosh?). Choose the version that fits your computer.)

  2. Go to RStudio Desktop to get the second file, the R Studio interface. (Again, pick the version that fits your computer.)

  3. It's probably a good idea to run the engine installer first, then the interface installer.


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