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Undergraduate Programs at Willamette University

Our undergraduate programs are interdisciplinary and experiential, helping you prepare for the careers of tomorrow. Explore all the program options available at Willamette.

Oregon majors & minors

Nestled in the scenic state of Oregon, Willamette has a reputation for academic excellence. Willamette offers a diverse array of programs that cater to the academic pursuits of undergraduate students. As the first university in the Western United States, Willamette has provided a top-tier educational experience for nearly two centuries.

Willamette offers a wide variety of majors, allowing students to explore their passions across a wide range of disciplines. From the arts and the sciences, business to the humanities, Willamette majors cover it all. Students can choose from over 50 undergraduate programs to customize their education based on their interests and career goals.

Willamette's commitment to providing a well-rounded education is evident in its large list of majors. This ensures students can delve into fields that ignite their intellectual curiosity. Students can explore classes in each program before officially pursuing a major or minor. Take an English class to strengthen your writing skills or learn more about data science and apply it to your biology course.

This flexibility is why Willamette University is one of the best universities in Oregon.

  • Accolades and national recognition

    Willamette has garnered recognition from various prestigious sources, cementing its reputation as a top-tier institution. National institutions have applauded Willamette for its dedication to undergraduate education.

    Willamette earned a rating as the premier liberal arts college in the Northwest. The ranking focuses on a college's commitment to the public good. It also highlights aspects such as the graduation of low-income students and the promotion of community service.
  • Our colleges in Oregon

    Willamette comprises several colleges, with each school contributing to the academic landscape. Willamette offers:

    Each of these schools promotes an environment where students can engage in interdisciplinary studies. The undergraduate college offers a wide range of programs, encouraging students to explore various fields before making a decision. This approach ensures that students gain a holistic education, fostering critical thinking and adaptability.

  • Additional education options
    Willamette goes beyond traditional undergraduate programs, providing unique pathways to higher education. The BA/MBA and 3+1 Data Science master's programs let students earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees quickly. Willamette has also partnered with other schools to offer an engineering pathway and a forestry pathway. These programs reflect Willamette's commitment to innovation and preparing students for the evolving demands of the professional world.
  • Considerations before choosing a major or minor

    Students should consider their interests, strengths, and career goals before choosing a major or minor. They need to consider the skills they want to develop and the ideal job they'd like to have. By asking these questions, students can narrow down the program options to find the right fit for their aspirations.

    Moreover, Willamette's commitment to interactive learning encourages students to think beyond traditional boundaries. Exploring dual degree programs and career communities allows students to make unexpected connections and generate industry-crossing ideas.

  • Campuses in Salem and Portland, Oregon

    Nestled in the heart of Salem's historic district, our campus is not just a hub for liberal arts education but also a gateway to the city's dynamic lifestyle. Students can immerse themselves in the bustling food scene, cozy coffee houses, and diverse vintage shopping options right in the downtown area. For nature enthusiasts, the nearby hiking trails at Silver Falls offer a splendid escape. Cultural experiences are abundant too, with the Elsinore Theater hosting a variety of concerts and shows within an easy walk from campus. Additionally, our proximity to the State Capitol provides Willamette students with unparalleled opportunities for jobs, internships, and networking in the public sector.

    Students with a passion for fine arts will find a vibrant hub at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, located in Northwest Portland. The campus is conveniently located within walking distance of numerous galleries, offering students an excellent opportunity to engage with the local art scene. The surrounding area, brimming with eclectic food carts and inviting coffee shops, serves as a rich source of inspiration for art students, blending urban culture with artistic expression.

  • Learn more about the Willamette University majors
    Willamette's undergraduate program stands as a testament to its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and student success. With ample majors, accolades, and pathways, Willamette continues to shape the future leaders of tomorrow. Prepare for a world that demands flexibility, creativity, and a commitment to positive change.

Why Willamette?

At Willamette, all programs aim to improve important skills needed for today's job market. Students can expect a broad education, resulting in a variety of skills that accommodate different job types. Willamette also offers smaller class sizes. This allows students to participate in conversations and become more involved within their major or minor.

Students can expect a close relationship with faculty members. This results in better letters of recommendation and more hands-on assistance with research projects. Each program encourages students to pursue real-world learning opportunities. From internal opportunities to internship options, students can expect to earn relevant experience before they enter the job market.

Because of the smaller campus size, students can build close relationships with other peers in their major or minor. Students will strengthen their network and develop a strong community that can assist them in their careers.

Willamette offers a great return on investment. By preparing students for the world, we deliver a competitive edge throughout every program on campus. Your educational investment will include strong connections with professors, small group conversations with classmates, and leadership skills. Turn your college experience into an asset through Willamette.