To get R Studio running the course problems, you need to load the "mosaic" package.


1) First start the R Studio program:
Usually you'll find this by clicking on the windows logo in the very bottom left of the screen, then on "All Programs", and looking for / scrolling to "R Studio."

Next, click on R Studio's "Packages" tab:

Look into the panel under the packages tab to see the "packages" available for use. Use the scroll bar, and scroll down to find mosaic, and check the box next to it.:

Now you're good to go, unless:


2) If you are using a new installation of R, mosaic won't be there. You'll need to install the mosaic package first.

Unfortunately, the Start R manual's advice to type ...


...doesn't always work. So do use these steps instead.

Click on "Install Packages" atop the packages panel:

Windows will probably pop up a window to ask if you want to create a library for the package. Click "yes."


You'll be asked to choose a CRAN mirror to download from. I recommend the one at OSU (Click on it, then OK)


The "Install Packages" window will pop up:


Under "Packages", type "mosaic", then click "Install"


Now go back to step (1) atop this page, and you'll be good to go.

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