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Michael Nino

Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Salem Campus

Smullin 213
900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301
503-370-6720 (Fax)
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Michael Niño received his PhD from the University of North Texas in 2015, with emphases in Medical Sociology and Research Methods and Statistics. Professor Niño teaches courses in Latina/o Sociology, Medical Sociology, and Quantitative Methods and Statistics. His research agenda seeks to understanding of how immigration, race and racism, and incarceration shape population health disparities in the United States. Using large, nationally representative datasets, he is currently pursuing four lines of inquiry: (1) social and cultural determinants of Latina/o physical and mental health disparities, (2) health behaviors among Latina/os, (3) physiological consequences of parental incarceration, and (4) structural racism and health.

His research has been published in a number of academic journals such as the Journal of Health and Social Behaviors, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Journal of School Health, International Migration Review, Addictive Behaviors, and the Journal of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice.

Selected Publications

Diaz, Christina J., and Michael D. Niño. 2019. “Familism and the Hispanic Health Advantage: The Role of Generational Status.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 60: 274-290. *equal authorship

Niño, Michael D., Tianji Cai, Xóchitl Mota-Back, and Joseph Comeau. 2017. “Gender Differences in Trajectories of Alcohol Use from Ages 13 to 33 Across Latina/o ethnic groups.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence 180: 113-120.

Niño, Michael D., Tianji Cai, Gabe Ignatow, and Phillip Yang. 2017. “Generational Peers and Alcohol Misuse.” International Migration Review 51: 67-96.

Niño, Michael D., Gabe Ignatow, and Tianji Cai. 2017. “Social Isolation, Strain, and Youth Violence.” Journal of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 15: 299-313.

Niño, Michael D., Tianji Cai, and Gabe Ignatow. 2016. “Social Isolation, Drunkenness, and Cigarette Use among Adolescents.” Addictive Behaviors 53: 94-100.

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