Political Narratives and New Media

The past two presidential election cycles saw an explosion in campaigns use of new media. David Gutterman, Amber Davisson, and Stanislav Vysotsky are exploring the political narratives that develop through the use of these technologies. Their research centers on questions of intentionality and control.

Dr. Gutterman is looking at how politicians craft long term narratives using multiple campaign tools. Dr. Davisson's work draws on literature from rhetoric and technology studies to explore how new media tools and environments shape the messages produced by political campaigns. Dr. Vysotsky's research focuses on the way in which discourse is framed and constructed within extreme-right Internet forums and its overlaps with discourse in more mainstream political movements.

This research community is interested in how campaigns use technology and how some technologies begin to produce narratives that may alter political campaigns. The group will work together to explore the challenges new media poses for political actors attempting to produce a consistent message. Students working with this research community could develop a variety of projects from exploring the narrative potential and constraints of Twitter to working with a local political group to develop a new media campaign, from developing systems for measuring the use and political impact of new media to crafting design projects that explore the changing relationship between narrative content and technology triggered by new media.

Amber Davisson

Amber Davisson

Willamette University

Liberal Arts Research Collaborative

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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