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The College of Law

Makers of Change

Find life-long mentors. Build your future. Our graduates have been making history since we opened our doors in 1883.

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Willamette University College of Law develops the next generation of problem-solving lawyers and leaders dedicated to serving their communities and the legal profession.

The Breakdown

We've got the numbers. Take a closer look at our stats to see how we stack up.

  • student/faculty ratio

    female students

    students of color

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Why Willamette Law

Make History Together

History is made by those who collaborate. Our engaged community is rigorous, supportive, and dedicated to continued excellence.

State Capitol

Learnat theCenter

Study in the state capitol at the heart of Oregon, where historical roots run deep and innovation travels far.

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From the Heart of the Pacific Northwest

Adventure starts here. Be close to the forests, coasts, mountains and cities of the Pacific Northwest.

  • 1913

    First Representative

    Promoted to private secretary for Oregon Gov. Oswald West, Fern Hobbs was the first woman in the state to receive such an appointment. She stood for women’s equality and had a passion for helping others.

  • 1898

    First Law Graduate

    When law schools mostly admitted men, Olive England was Willamette’s first female law graduate and among the first in the nation to hold that honor. She was a suffragette and fought alongside Abigail Duniway who wrote and signed the equal suffrage proclamation in Oregon.

  • 2001

    First Latino Oregon Supreme Court Justice

    Honorable Paul J. De Muniz JD '75 was the first Latino Supreme Court justice in the state of Oregon. He was unanimously elected to serve as the Chief Justice of the court by his fellow justices.

  • 1976

    First female elected official

    A political powerhouse and trailblazer, Norma Paulus advanced women’s rights, education and environmental protection. In 1976, she became the first woman to be elected to statewide office in Oregon as secretary of state.

  • 2001

    A more inclusive court

    In 2017, Steven Powers JD ’01 became the first Filipino American on the Oregon Court of Appeals, one of the nation’s busiest intermediate courts.