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Explore other cultures — and your own

Africa, Latin America and Native North America are among the areas you can study through our department.

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Examine diverse cultures and become a gifted navigator of complex social relationships in an increasingly interconnected world.

Programs Offered: Major, Minor

Do you ever contemplate how incredibly similar we are to each other while also being extraordinarily different? From a biochemical perspective, humans are 99.5% alike. Yet culturally, socially, linguistically and psychologically, we differ in impressive ways.

As an anthropology student at Willamette, you’ll explore diverse cultures with globally minded and highly engaged student scholars. You’ll analyze how people who adhere to different beliefs or hail from different parts of the world categorize their kin, structure their economies, organize their political systems and relate to one another.

Along the way, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the things you take for granted while reexamining your assumptions about “correct” ways of being and living. You’ll become a gifted navigator of cross-cultural social relations — skills that are highly sought after in international education, diplomacy, social work, law, business, medicine and more. Whichever path you choose, you’ll be ready for a promising future in an increasingly interconnected world.

Victoria Black Horse ’13

Alumna builds bridges to a healthier future

While studying at Willamette University, Victoria Black Horse ’13 completed a summer research program at Harvard Medical School designed for students who have a commitment to the health of Native American communities.

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Anya Rogala ’16

Alumna, professor help Anya Rogala ’16 find her way

Anya Rogala '16 helped secure not one, but two, internships with the help of her mentor, anthropology professor Joyce Millen.

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