Webber Scholarships/Science Outreach Program

Four Webber scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to women majoring in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, and/or Physics. The $4,000 per-year stipend requires that the Webber scholars participate in the Willamette Science Outreach Program, a community service project in which the scholars serve as role models to elementary school girls, encouraging them to continue their studies in math and science. The goal of the Science Outreach Program is to provide young children with female role models in the sciences while exposing them to the different scientific fields with hands-on projects and experiments. The Webber scholars perform their outreach service by visiting a chosen elementary school classroom for an hour per week for twelve consecutive weeks. To apply for a Webber scholarship, the Willamette student must be a sophomore or junior woman with a declared major in chemistry, biology, environmental science, and/or physics and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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