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BUS 3505 Stakeholder Cooperation and Nonmarket Strategy (4)

Enterprises maintain a dynamic, interactive relationship with the communities in which they operate. Communities create rules, uphold social norms, and express ideological values that shape how enterprises function; enterprises, in turn, engage with the community to sculpt those sources of influence. Developing a coherent, planned approach to this community engagement constitutes an enterprise’s nonmarket strategy. This course informs students about the theoretical constructs central to the development of nonmarket strategy, as well as the empirical patterns and trends relevant to designing nonmarket strategy. The course structures its line of inquiry by tracing how public issues emerge, attract community members’ attention, and transform into tenets—ranging from public policies to social conventions—that govern the activity of enterprises. The course will pay particular attention to how changes in technology, social media, activism, and politics have shaped contemporary nonmarket strategy.

  • Prerequisite:  BSBA Admission- ECON 112 or equivalent
  • Offering: Spring

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