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Civic Communication and Media

CCM 288 Introducing Asia to the World (4)

The course introduces students to media production based on the content of East Asian history, society, and people. The societies of East Asia, especially China, Korea, and Japan, have rich, complex, and multifaceted historical and cultural experiences. Yet, media representations focus on certain aspects while ignoring others. The course integrates the acquisition of knowledge and awareness of East Asia with critical thinking and media production. Students will work in project teams to choose a topic that they are interested in, prepare their own presentation and production, and to facilitate in-class discussions. Possible projects might include: design a syllabus to teach Asia to a specific group of people; curate and organize an Asian film screening festival; start a website that is relevant to Asian culture and people; or make a short video about the history of a very specific topic, such as Japanese cuisine.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities; World Engagement: CV
  • Offering: Fall
  • Instructor: Wen

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