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Civic Communication and Media

CCM 335W Communicating Self and Society (4)

This course introduces students to autoethnography--a qualitative research method that incorporates lived experience, personal narrative, and cultural analysis. Communicating Self and Society features a diverse range of personal narratives, which engage the intersectional nature of identity while interrogating social injustice and reimagining transformative ways of being together. In Communicating Self and Society, students learn to examine the cultural meanings of their own lived experiences, reflecting upon the intersectional nature of their identity, through the latest research regarding autoethnographic approaches. Further, students learn to communicate their enriched understandings through narrative analysis, peer review, and practice with various forms of mediated self-expression.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities; Writing-centered; PDE
  • Offering: Alternate years
  • Instructor: Parker Brooks

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