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Cinema Studies

CINE 394 Major Internship (1-4)

This course is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in Cinema Studies. The instructor will work with students to help acquire internships in the Salem/Portland area and oversee the internship as it progresses throughout the semester. A variety of internship placements will be pursued including those in pre-production, production, distribution, and exhibition. Interns are placed only in positions which provide academic learning opportunities and the availability of such positions may be limited. Credit will vary depending on number of hours and extent of final paper; all interns will maintain a journal of internship experiences and meet regularly with the instructor. Interested students should contact Cinema Studies faculty the semester prior to their internship in order to secure a worthwhile position. May be repeated for credit.

  • Prerequisite: CINE 110 and Permission of Instructor
  • Offering: Every Semester
  • Instructor: Staff

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