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Data Science

DATA 151 Introduction to Data Science with R

This course focuses on developing the foundational skills of a modern data scientist including data cleaning, wrangling, visualization, and communication. Students will actively engage with R and RStudio, the most popular programming language and software environment for statistical computing. The course covers basic descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, quantiles, correlation) and introduces students to the tools they need to work with large, real-world data sets. Students will also develop the critical thinking skills needed to use data ethically. The course is the first of two in the introductory Data Science sequence, but will also be of interest to any student who wants to better understand the data they meet in everyday life and in the world around them. The course does not assume any previous background in statistics or programming.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Mathematical Science
  • Offering: Fall
  • Professor: Staff

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