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ENGL 381 Latinx Literature and Culture (4)

This course examines U.S. Latina/o cultural expression in post-War literature, performance, and popular media. The historical and cultural focus may change each semester. Areas of emphasis may range from canonical works of Latina/o fiction, poetry, drama, non-fiction, visual art and film, to Latina/o feminist and queer art and criticism, political movements, punk, the avant-garde, sexual cultures, the paraliterary (such as comic books, zines, and speculative fiction) and DIY (do-it-yourself) culture and publishing. Course material may place Latina/o culture in transnational and comparative ethnic contexts across the Americas, examining national distinctions among Latina/o artists, and the racial and ethnic heterogeneity of Latina/o identity and cultural production, including Asian and Asian American, African and African American, and indigenous histories and intersections. Primary texts may include novels, plays, poems, graphic novels, scholarly monographs, art, film and performance footage. Scholarly insights may be drawn from the fields of gender, feminist and queer studies; performance studies; ethnic studies; and literary theory and history.

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