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Environmental Science

ENVS 120 Social Systems and the Environment (4)

This course is a multidisciplinary introduction to understanding the effects of human actions and social systems on the natural world. We will emphasize science and social-science based approaches to understanding environmental problems and evaluating possible solutions to them. We will begin by examining basic concepts regarding social and natural systems. These concepts will then be applied as we evaluate and understand issues of environmental quality and stresses on natural resources. Throughout the course we will pay close attention to how human social, political, economic, and ethical institutions influence our interactions with natural systems. This course is intended to introduce Environmental Science majors and prospective majors to the social science aspects of environmental science as well as educate students from other disciplines.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Social Sciences
  • Prerequisite: Restricted to first years, sophomores, or declared ENVS majors
  • Offering: Every Semester
  • Instructor: Bowersox, Butterworth

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