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Exercise and Health Science

EXHS 346 Advanced Human Anatomy (4)

In this course students will explore the complete process of embryonic development of the human fetus. Looking at the developing fetus, students will better understand congenital diseases and dysfunctions observed in the adult body. Students will perform specialized dissections of brains, hearts, eyes, and other organs in order to identify congenital anomalies and variants identified throughout the semester. Students will also develop a project to explore a medical anomaly of their choosing. Drawing connections between variants found in cadavers, students will identify the cause of the variation in terms of congenital inheritance or acquisition through adaptations. Students will be asked to communicate these arguments orally and in writing appropriate for the scientific community. 

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Natural Sciences
  • Prerequisite: BIOL 246
  • Offering: Alternate years, Spring
  • Instructor: Ettinger

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