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Classical Studies: Greek

GREEK 360 Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greek Society: Readings in Euripides (4)

Taught 3 hours a week in conjunction with CLAS 260 (Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greek Society), plus one hour per week translating a tragedy by Euripides. This course explores Greek attitudes towards gender roles and sexuality, drawing on primary medical texts, tragedy, comedy, didactic poetry, forensic speeches, the romance novel, philosophy, early lyric poetry, and secondary scholarship about these texts. Topics include gender construction, misogyny, hysteria, virginity, marriage, rape, seduction, inheritance, female and male desire, homosexuality, and rites of passage. Credit may only be earned in oe of the following: GREEK 360 or CLAS 260.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities
  • Prerequisite: GREEK 232
  • Offering: Triennially in Spring
  • Instructor: Bachvarova

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