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Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS 334 Field Studies: Environmental Studies and Sustainability in Japan (4)

A three and one half-week course conducted in Japan in collaboration with our sister institution, Tokyo International University, as a part of an initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment. Formal activities will include classes in Japanese language and Japanese environmental history. In addition to readings and lectures, students will take part in fieldtrips and excursions to libraries and museums, municipal and prefectural offices, and other relevant sites where sustainability-related community activities take place, including forests, etc. Students will engage in volunteer and community-based service learning activities, and observe conservation practices where possible. Besides direct observation and reflection, students will participate in data collection, organization, and analysis.

  • Course is offered as Credit/No Credit
  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: World Engagement: Service Learning
  • Offering: Post-session
  • Instructor: Bowersox, McCaffrey, Pike

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