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Classical Studies: Latin

LATIN 353 Latin Sources on Roman Women (4)

Taught 3 hours a week in conjunction with CLAS 247, one hour per week translating original Latin texts by and about Roman women. This course explores the life experience of women in ancient Rome and the way their lives are reflected in 500 years of Roman literature. Since most Roman authors were men, students will try to reconstruct women's voices and their human experience by exploring both literary and non-literary sources, such as laws, grave inscriptions, and graffiti, focusing on issues such as female literacy, "female" genres, and gender-specific language. In addition, students will examine artistic representations of women in the form of portrait sculptures and funerary monuments. Credit may only be earned in one of the following: LATIN 353 or CLAS 247.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities
  • Prerequisite: LATIN 231
  • Offering: Triennially
  • Instructor: Knorr

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