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MUSC 218 Beethoven, His Legacy and the Power of Music (4)

For two centuries, Beethoven has been received and interpreted as the composer who liberated music, and the composer of revolution. Born at a pivotal point in European social and music history, he took the conventions of the ‘classical’ style and molded them into the beginnings of Romanticism in music. The discussions and writing surrounding the reception of his music shaped an entire discourse, often contentious, regarding the true nature of music, and whether it has the possibility to convey meaning. This class will combine elements of a music appreciation course, which deepens our awareness of the way the human experience is reflected in music, along with developing the necessary listening skills to grasp the subtlety of Beethoven’s compositional process. To underscore the universality of rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, and the ways in which these interdependent elements are negotiated, musical examples of many cultures, genres, styles, and historic periods will also be examined.. Concert attendance will be strongly encouraged, if not required. A love for, and curiosity about, music will make the experience more gratifying.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities
  • Offering: Every semester
  • Instructor: Coen

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