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RHET 271 Telling the Internment Story (4)

The decision to exclude, evacuate and intern Japanese Americans living on the West Coast during WWII is an historical controversy directly engaging citizens in the Pacific Northwest; it remains a controversy through the museum exhibits, memorial sites, and artistic representations of the internment that continue to be generated to tell the story of this dark part of American history. Students identify and analyze ways of telling this story through films, photographs, paintings, memoirs, memorials and museums. There are three units: Fear & Racism Fanned by the Media, Life in the Camps and Reintegration, and Commemoration Through Museums, Memorials, and Films. Readings for this course include primary documents legislating the exclusion and internment of Japanese Americans, testimonials by internees, print media coverage, and visual and verbal commemorative texts. This is a project based course and includes a film screening lab.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Arts & Humanities; PDE
  • Offering: Annually
  • Instructor: Staff

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