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RHET 310W Conflict & Identity: Israeli & Palestinian Feature Films (2)

This course examines how national identity is structured and conflict is portrayed in feature film depictions of the disputed homeland of Israel/Palestine. Through the lens of documentary theory (including Bal, Chatman, Fisher, and Genette) the course will consider how diverse Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers have portrayed the religious, social and political tensions in the region. War, wedding, and comedy films (including, among others, Waltz with Bashir, Lebanon, Cup Final, Wedding in Galilee, Rana’s Wedding, Fill the Void, Divine Intervention, and the Time that Remains) enable an exploration of trauma and victimage, structural inequality, gender inequity, cultural erasure, and comedic resistance.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment:  Writing-centered; Arts & Humanities; PDE
  • Offering: Alternate Years
  • Instructor: Clark

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