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SOC 321 Climate Justice Workshop (4)

How are local activist groups taking action to address climate inequity and transition off of fossil fuels? And how do we support them? This course is about taking action against racial injustice and the climate crisis. More specifically, this course explores how social change happens by examining climate justice politics, policies, and activist tactics in Oregon. This course intentionally avoids a focus on problems (like the 4 D’s of doom, delay, division, and deflect attention) in order to focus on climate solutions. This course explores how social movements and other mechanisms of social change work toward climate equity. Students will explore activism by local environmental justice groups and climate equity coalitions. Students will also practice lobbying to support bills and work with local activists to support their goals.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Social Sciences
  • Prerequisite: Any 100-level Sociology course
  • Offering: Spring semester
  • Instructor: Lorenzen

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