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SOC 492 Career Lab & Sociology Senior Portfolio

In this course, students will explore different career paths, translate the knowledge and skills learned in their sociology major into materials appropriate for their desired career path, and develop their sociology senior portfolio. After exploring their options, students are asked to focus on either a job track or graduate school track. This course brings together resources from the American Sociological Association on career paths enabled by an undergraduate degree in sociology, expertise from the WU Career Development office (on resumes, cover letters, networking, job searches, and interviewing), and sociology faculty expertise on applying to graduate programs. When this course ends students will have the tools necessary for an accomplished job search and/or graduate school application. Additionally, students will construct and submit their sociology senior portfolio. Students will submit a timeline of their sociology major course work, select and submit four papers from their undergraduate course work, and assess their own learning and the department’s teaching strategies and methods.

  • Prerequisite or corequisite: SOC 402W 
  • Offering: Every semester
  • Instructor: Staff

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