Non-English Language

The World Engagement (WE) component ensures that students engage with ideas, perspectives, or experiences beyond those to which they are accustomed. WE components are divided between a language requirement and WE electives.

To fulfill the Non-English Language requirement, a student must complete a non-English language through the second semester (132-level) (total of 8 credits). This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Completion of a NEL course at Willamette at the 132-level or higher;
  • Placement into a 231-level or higher course and passing of a proficiency exam administered by a faculty member in the language department of choice;
  • Transfer in credit for equivalent NEL study (including AP/IB or “Running Start” credits accepted by the Registrar);
  • Present evidence of a primary language other than English
  • If you need to pursue an accommodation for a language substitution, please visit the Foreign Language Requirement Substitution Policy on the Accessible Education Services website.


For those students who wish to continue study in a non-English language at the 231-level or higher, those courses would count toward the remaining 8 World Engagement credits.

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