Writing Program

The Writing Program for undergraduates at Willamette University aims to establish a culture of writing so that, when students graduate, they will be prepared to use writing as an instrument of their continued learning, in the career paths they follow, and in participation in social, cultural, and civic life. Toward those ends, the Writing Program offers them multiple opportunities to study and practice writing, throughout their undergraduate careers and in a variety of disciplines. Writing-centered classes, while always focused on a particular topic, incorporate writing as an important mode of intellectual discovery, and require students to develop their ideas through multiple drafts and revision. Furthermore, writing-centered classes afford students opportunities to have their writings seriously read (not just "corrected") by various readers, including their peers.

All students are required to take two writing-centered classes, at least one of which must be taken at the upper-division level (300/400). Ideally, each student would begin with a lower-division course taken no later than the spring semester of their first year.

The Writing Center, housed in the Learning Commons in Ford Hall, supports the program by providing opportunities for students at all levels to confer individually with faculty and peer consultants about their writing.

Writing-centered credits to be offered each semester will be designated by a W in the Schedule of Classes, and students must pass two of these with a grade of C- or higher in order to complete the Writing Program.

The Writing-centered designation may be added to any of the Liberal Arts Distribution or World Engagement courses, as well as Power, Diversity, and Equity (PDE) courses. Such classes may be used to satisfy both the distribution requirement or world engagement requirement and the Writing-centered and/or PDE requirement(s).

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