Willamette has an ongoing program of internships. Many of the University's academic departments cooperate in these programs, which take full advantage of Willamette's location in Oregon's state capital. Although some one-half credit internships are available, internships normally offer one credit and are taken as part of the student's regular academic load.

Interns are regularly placed with agencies of the Oregon state government and the Salem city government, with the Oregon state legislature, and in such facilities as the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Oregon School for the Blind, the Oregon State Hospital, and the Salem public schools. Students majoring in art history, environmental studies, economics, science, exercise science, politics, psychology, and sociology most frequently undertake internships. Rhetoric or English majors often intern with local radio and television stations or with the local newspaper. In short, most students who seek an intern experience can find a suitable one within the curriculum.

The official Internship Program in the College of Arts & Sciences offers three types of internship opportunities.

Insight Internship

Open to second-semester freshmen and sophomores, the Insight Internship provides students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with fields of career interest. Insight interns work in an office, agency or institution, and earn one-half credit.

Major Program Internship

Major program internships are open to juniors and seniors, and are designed to expand students' knowledge of their major fields. Students work in offices, agencies, and institutions related to the major and earn up to 1 credit, depending on the time spent at the internship site.

Professional Internship

For a limited number of seniors, professional internships provide on-the-job experience with paraprofessional standing. Students earn up to 1 credit depending on the time spent at the internship site. Only well-prepared and highly motivated students qualify for these internships.

All internships are supervised and evaluated by on-campus and off-campus advisors. Information about internship opportunities is available from an Associate Dean or from the Office of Career Services.

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