Final Examination Policy


This policy seeks to promote effective preparation for final examinations and optimal conditions for the synthesis and assimilation of course materials by designating and safeguarding specific days at the end of the semester to be devoted exclusively to study. This policy further seeks to assure that the full semester is available to complete course work by reaffirming that a semester does not end until the last day of final examinations. To enhance student learning and performance and to provide an environment for the fair and positive conclusion of work undertaken in all classes, the faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences agrees to adhere rigorously to it.


The maximum length of a final examination is three hours. Faculty members may schedule shorter examinations if they wish.

Faculty members are to give their written final examinations during the times indicated in the published schedule. Students are permitted to take early examinations by obtaining the instructor's approval. The last written examination for a course is to be administered on the day scheduled for the course final examination. No evaluative instrument for a course, including an oral examination or paper, is to be administered or due during the four calendar days prior to the beginning of final examinations. Final oral classroom presentations may extend into those four days but only during the regularly scheduled class times. Finally, a final examination and an additional evaluative instrument are not both to be administered and due on the scheduled day of the final examination.

No classes or formal class activities are to be held during the Study Days that intervene between the end of classes and the beginning of final examinations or the Study Days that are scheduled during the week of final examinations. Faculty members are to be available for consultation with students during these times.

Final examinations for first half-semester courses are to be administered during the last regular class period or during a time outside of class agreed upon by the students and faculty member involved, within one week of the last regular class period. Final examinations for second half-semester courses are to be administered during the scheduled final examination time for that class period as in full-semester courses.

Faculty members are to make separate arrangements with each student to administer final examinations in courses not covered in the published schedule.

All faculty members in the College of Arts & Sciences are to have on file in the class WISE site a representative sample final examination for each class taught, except in the case of a class that is being taught for the first time.

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