Grading Policy

The following symbols are used for grades included in the calculation of the grade point average (g.p.a.):

A (4.0) A- (3.7)
B+ (3.3) B (3.0) B- (2.7)
C+ (2.3) C (2.0) C- (1.7)
D+ (1.3) D (1.0)
F (0.0)

where the following terms are used:

  • A = Excellent
  • B = Good
  • C = Satisfactory
  • D = Below Standard, and
  • F = Failing

The grade of AUD (audit) is used when a student signed up for a course as an auditor. Auditors are required to attend a minimum of 75% of the class sessions. If this requirement is not met the registrar may, solely upon notice that the student has insufficient attendance, delete the course from the student's record.

The grade of CR (credit), used in those courses designated by the faculty or those courses selected by students on the Credit/No Credit option, will be granted credit toward the degree but will not be computed in the g.p.a. The grade of NC (no credit) will not be granted credit and will not be computed in the g.p.a. In those cases where students select this option, reported final grades of C-minus or better will be converted to CR and grades of D-plus or lower will be converted to NC.

The grade of I will stand for Incomplete. This grade may be given only in cases where all but a minor portion of the course work has been satisfactorily completed, and the instructor determines there are legitimate reasons to grant the student an extension of time. Instructors must submit a Report of Incomplete Grade form to the Registrar's Office within two weeks following the grading deadline for the semester in which the incomplete grade is submitted. The deadline for students to submit work to be graded to replace grades of I will be the fifth Friday of the subsequent semester. This deadline may be extended by a maximum of one semester, if the student successfully petitions the Academic Status Committee by the date on which the outstanding coursework is due (the fifth Friday of the subsequent semester). All grades of I will be accompanied by a contingency grade, in the computation of which the instructor has considered work not completed as a zero or an F. The contingency grade will be recorded on the permanent record (transcript) until that time when the Registrar receives the final grade. If a replacement grade is not submitted, the contingency grade will be retained as the final grade.

The grade of Q will denote those rare cases (usually in advanced seminars and independent study) when a continuing project for legitimate reasons must be extended beyond the end of the semester. Prior to the assignment of the Q grade, the instructor must submit written notification to the Dean of the College indicating the reason for use of this grade. The deadline for Instructors to submit final grades to replace grades of Q will be the day that all final grades are due for the subsequent semester. This deadline may be extended only if the student successfully petitions the Academic Status Committee. Any unresolved Q grades after that date will be converted to NGR (No Grade Received).

The grade of W will stand for Withdrawal and is given at the request of the student concerned within the stated deadlines. No credit will be granted toward a degree and the W grade will not be computed in the g.p.a. The final date to drop a class in order to receive a grade of W, at the instigation of the student, will be the 60% point in the semester for full-semester courses, and the 60% point of the half-semester for half-semester courses. The withdrawal deadline is listed in the Academic Calendar. Withdrawal after the deadline will be possible only if the student successfully petitions the Academic Status Committee. A student is required to attend class until they are officially dropped or withdrawn. Enrollment Change forms are available on the Registrar's Office website. If a student fails to withdraw officially, the grade in any course which they discontinue becomes an F.

Computing the Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

The quality points for a course are computed by multiplying the points for the grade equivalent by the number of credits for that course. To compute the grade point average, divide the total number of quality points earned by the total number of credits attempted (Credit/No Credit and Audit grades not included). The grade point average is computed only for courses registered through Willamette University.

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