Newly admitted students are registered for classes by an advisor from the Dean's Office prior to the beginning of their first semester.

Continuing students register for classes in the second half of each semester following consultation with their faculty advisors. All registration is completed by students using the online registration system.

Beginning on the first day of the semester, students who wish to make changes in their course schedules may do so by submitting requests through the online registration system. These requests require approval from the academic advisor and the professor of each affected course. Deadlines for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses are listed in the academic calendar. Students are urged to note the deadlines carefully.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to request assistance from the Director of Accessible Education Services prior to course selection/registration if they need accommodations on the day of registration or in the classroom thereafter. Relocation of scheduled classes to more accessible rooms and other reasonable accommodations are available per documented need.

The University reserves the right to discontinue any class for which the enrollment is insufficient.

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